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CÁRDENAS (Adán, 1836-1916, President of Nicaragua 1883-1887)

Finely penned Document signed, in Spanish with translation, to the Council of Ministers of Peru with Executive Power, thanking them warmly for their letter saying that Generals Miguel Iglesias and Andrés Avelino Cáceres have reach an accord, bringing to an end the Civil War, and that the Council have assumed power pending a free election, and sending his wishes for them personally and for the prosperity of the "sister Republic", 2 sides folio and conjugate blank, Managua, 12th March

Item Date:  1886
Stock No:  52530      £325

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CAIRNS (Hugh MacCalmont, Earl, 1819-1895, Lord Chancellor under Disraeli)

Autograph envelope front signed addressed to  Benjamin DISRAELI  (1804-1881, Prime Minister) mounted with a fine Woodburytype photo

Item Date:  0
Stock No:  33188      £25

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CAIRNS (Hugh McCalmont, Earl, 1819-1885, Lord Chancellor under Disraeli)

Signature and subscription from the end of a letter, the verso refers to publicity generated by 'the Bill', which the writer wishes to be "the maximum possible", circa

Item Date:  1860
Stock No:  52980      £15

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CALDECOTE (Thomas Hobart Walker Inskip, 1876-1947, Lord Chancellor 1939-1940, from 1939 1st Viscount)

Photo from a magazine, signed 'T.H.W. Inskip', showing him full length, full face, leaving his house, with a knowing half smile, 8" x 5", no date, c. laid down on card

Item Date:  1939
Stock No:  52184      £4000

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CALVERT (Sir William, d. 1761, Lord Mayor of London 1748-1749) and ADAMS (Richard, Recorder of London 1748-1753, later Baron of the Exchequer)

Signatures from a vellum document, no date, circa

Item Date:  1749
Stock No:  51684      £45

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