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CAINE (Sir Thomas Henry Hall, 1853-1931, Manx Novelist and Playwright)

Typed Letter Signed to the Rev. E. Lloyd Morris, (Minister of Hutchesontown Congregational Church, now the Lloyd Morris Memorial Church, Glasgow), sincerely wishing "it were in my power to avail myself of your kind invitation, but I have been more than usually out of health lately, having had a rather serious and perhaps even slightly alarming attack partly brought on by an effort to speak at the City Temple ... I dare not at present undertake any public speaking, which at the best is to me a rather exhausting experience", ending "With best wishes for your work", 2 sides 10" x 8", Greeba Castle, Isle of Man, 29th October

Item Date:  1909
Stock No:  54276      £125

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CALDER-MARSHALL (Arthur, b. 1908, Author)

Brief Autograph Letter Signed to Miss Cond hoping "this will be suitable as the eighteen hundred and eighth", 1 side A4, New Stories, Oxford headed paper, 27th March no year.

Item Date:  0
Stock No:  5401      £12

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CANTÙ (Cesare, 1807-1895, Italian Historian and Poet)

Autograph Letter Signed, in Italian with translation, to 'Sig. Giuseppe', recalling another Christmas "that I spent with you and your delightful family, in times so different from these", he longs to know "what particular woes you endured among the common woe, and if a memory of me still remains", he himself was "upside down in the whirlpool ... in exile several times ... most recently ... in Geneva, where six years before I last saw your delightful Nina", he now looks to see "if in some place common sense is being reborn, if some reason is returning to people's minds, some respect to their hearts", 1 side 4to., Milan, 21st December laid down on an album leaf

Item Date:  1849
Stock No:  51728      £275

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CAPOTE (Truman, 1924-1984, American Novelist, Screenwriter, Playwright and Actor)

Autograph Postcard Signed to his friend Boris Groudinko in Leningrad saying "How long it has been since I heard from you! I am spending the summer hre in Spain, and have a house on this beach. Please send a line and I will write you a long letter ...", 1 side postcard with black and white picture of the beach on the verso, Playa de Aro, Costa Brava, Spain. 19th July stamps removed without loss of text

Item Date:  1960
Stock No:  40434      £1275

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CARLISLE (7th Earl, George W. F. Howard, 1802-1864, Orator, Poet & Viceroy of Ireland)

Autograph Letter Signed as Lord Morpeth, to S. Gurney (1786-1856, banker & philanthropist), referring to "your friend's enquiry", but he is "obliged to say no ... We feel much obliged here by your kind mention of the recent Union", the wedding on 4th October of Evelyn, daughter of the 2nd Duke of Sutherland, to the 12th Lord Blantyre, 1818-1900, the bride's mother, Mistress of the Robes to Queen Victoria, being the writer's sister, and sending "my kind remembrances to all your amiable family", 2 sides 8vo., Trentham, Staffordshire, 10th October part lightly sunned

Item Date:  1843
Stock No:  19597      £30

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