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DALRYMPLE (J. Apsley, b. c.1770, Barrister)

Autograph Letter Signed to 'Sir', saying he has received "the Books" and asking for "Rich's Memoir. 2 vols 8vo. - 16s", 1 side 4to., Mayfield, Sussex, 27th August

Item Date:  1828
Stock No:  14873      £15

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DALTON (Sir John Neale, 1839-1931, Tutor to GEORGE V, Antiquarian and Canon of St George's Chapel, Windsor)

End of Autograph Letter Signed

Item Date:  0
Stock No:  7236      £10

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DAMASKINOS (Papandreou, 1891-1949, Regent of Greece, January 1945 - September 1946, from 1941 Archbishop of Athens and All Greece)

Fine Signed Portrait Photograph, by N. Zographos of Athens, showing him standing three quarter length, three quarter face turned to the viewer's right, in clerical dress with his staff in his right hand, signed, dated and inscribed on the mount in Greek to "Commander M. McMullen with warm good wishes, Archbishop of Athens Damaskinos", 9" x 6¾" on photographer's card mount 15¾" x 11¾", Athens, 5th March

Item Date:  1945
Stock No:  66238      £775

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D'AMBROSIO (Michele, Lawyer, Councillor and Judge in the Kingdom of Naples)

Fascinating Archive of the Documents appointing him to Public Posts over 27 years, signed by the ministers of successive governments and others under Kings Joseph Napoleon, Joachim Murat, Ferdinand IV restored, Francesco I and Ferdinand II, most consisting of the Royal Decree with printed or woodcut heading and a covering letter or 'charge' signed by the same minister or his deputy, with 3 remarkable broadsides of Judges' Appointments during 1808, other documents relate to his work as Councillor for Naples District, the hospitals, the Conservatoio di Costantinopoli, and poor relief, many fine watermarks, 43 sides large folio, folio and quarto, plus conjugate leaves, Naples, Portici or Caserta, 1807 - in generally crisp condition, a few tiny defects

Item Date:  1834
Stock No:  20106      £675

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Card with the date and ten blank lines, 1 side 4¼" x 3", verso in light green with a gilt border, published by Hermann Veit, Royal Court Lithographers, Berlin, for 25th February

Item Date:  1879
Stock No:  55948      £15

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