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DALBIAC (Sir James Charles, M.P., 1776-1847, General)

2 Autograph Letter Signed to Major George Darby Griffiths, enclosing a testimonial (present) for the post of Superintendent of Rural Police in Suffolk, and asking him to send "a list of the Sussex [sic] Magistrates. Peradventure there may be some, whom I can address on your behalf" (n.d.), the testimonial praises Major Griffiths "more particularly ... under my immediate Command in Dublin in 1829 & 1830 as Captain in the 2nd or Kings own Regiment of Foot" and considers him "in every way qualified to fill any appointment" requiring "activity & intelligence & judicious discipline" (3rd November 1844), of the magistrates he has written to "Lord Charles FitzRoy, & Mr. Rushbrook M.P. ... requesting the former to present my recommendation of you to the Duke of Grafton" (10th November 1844), in all 6 sides small 8vo., 4to., and 8vo., Floors Castle, Roxburghshire, 3rd - 10th November slight traces on each of laying down by one margin

Item Date:  1844
Stock No:  14872      £60

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DALRYMPLE (General Sir Hew Whitefoord, 1750-1830, Governor of Gibraltar 1806-1808)

Printed Note signed, with manuscript details, allowing "Mr. Brown & Servant to pass Waterport and Ragged Staff Gates, for the purpose of embarking and disembarking, to continue Thirty Days", signed also 'J L Walsh', Town Major, 1 side oblong 8vo., Head-Quarters, Gibraltar, 25th August laid down

Item Date:  1807
Stock No:  14588      £60

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DARU (Pierre Antoine Noel Bruno, 1767-1829, Count, French Soldier and Statesman, historian, translator of Horace)

Autograph Letter Signed, in French with translation, to Monsieur Monnay, Commissary in chief of the 8th Corps, "my dear comrade", saying that "M. Villemaury had given a Commission as inspector of victuals to M. d'Aymar and one as inspector of equipment to M. de Larmière ... but they are not included in the list of nominations made by the Minister", suggesting that "you could employ them if you have need for them", and if not, to "send them straight away to the 9th Corps of Guards", 1 side 4to., Berlin, 8th November tiny defect in bottom left corner touching one letter

Item Date:  1806
Stock No:  51724      £375

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DE WINTON (Sir Francis Walter, 1835-1901, Major-General, Colonial Administrator)

2 Autograph Letter Signed and 1 LS to the painter William A. Menzies, arranging "to take the picture of Katharine Douglas at £10. 10 - ... can you let me have it on the 2nd June as it is intended for a birthday present" (1 May 1898), "I daresay ... I could obtain the permission of the Secr. of the Royal Academy or the President to let me have it for two days ... back in its place on the 3rd" and thanking him "for the copy of the Girls own paper" (3rd May 1898), 5 sides 8vo black-edged, York House, St. James's Palace, 1st May 1898 - 7th July

Item Date:  1898
Stock No:  18946      £60

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DENBIGH (Rudolph Robert Basil Aloysius Augustine Feilding, 1859-1939, 9th Earl)

Autograph Letter Signed to Lord Mayor Treloar, regretting he cannot accept for 10th May, 1 side 4to, Newnham Paddox, Warwickshire, 21st April traces of laying down on verso

Item Date:  1907
Stock No:  17051      £15

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