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DAREWSKI (Hermann E., jr., 1883-1947, Composer and Music Publisher)

Autograph Musical Quotation Signed 'Hermann' for 'Dear Ella', the actress Ellaline TERRISS, (b. 1871 in the Falklands, wife of Seymour Hicks), 4 bars 2/4 time in D on one stave, 'Au Revoir my little hyacinth', set by Darewski, above it "Sung by Miss Ellaline Terriss", 1 side oblong 8vo., no place, 4th October

Item Date:  1906
Stock No:  12358      £30

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DAVEY (Henry, 1853-1929, Writer on Music)

Autograph Letter Signed to Godfrey E.P. Arkwright, 1864-1944, the musicologist, saying he will propose "the 'Musical Antiquary' for our Municipal Library, wh is a really valuable collection", he considers that "musical history now ... is ... from say the Reformation ... entirely closed except for a few ... biographies. It is on the practical side that I now study old music", though a digest of the "sound antiquarian work published in the Musician about 1897 would be useful for references", and thanking him "for your kindly allusion to my book", 2 sides 8vo., 70 Montpelier Road, Brighton, 8th November

Item Date:  1910
Stock No:  51352      £45

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DAVIES (Ben, 1858-1943, Welsh Singer & Actor)

Autograph Letter Signed to William Clarkson, the costumier and wigmaker, saying "the enclosed is a mistake - I dont owe you anything. - I paid for the hire of the Dress I had Xmas and ... I paid 10/6 for the doing up of my wig", 2 sides 8vo., Royal Hotel (with vignette), Dundee, 20th May spike hole in blank area

Item Date:  1909
Stock No:  51354      £40

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DAVIES (Sir Henry Walford Davies, 1869-1941, Master of the King's Musick)

Autograph Letter Signed with initials, to Sir William Henry Hadow, 1859-1937, editor of the Oxford History of Music, from 1909 principal of Armstrong College, Newcastle upon Tyne, saying "I'm glad indeed that Newcastle is to try at Francis, and I can guess who drew them to the attempt - No extra instruments whatever ... only I oboe needed", adding that he was going "to present myself ... uninvited. Now its a greater pleasure to look forward to. I'm going to try to give a better lecture", 2 sides 8vo., Segenbalm, 32 West Heath Drive, Hampstead, 25th January blank top portion damaged from former mounting, traces of stamp paper where cut across the middle without loss

Item Date:  1903
Stock No:  51355      £45

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DAVIES (Sir [Henry] Walford, 1869-1941, Composer, Organist & Educationalist, Master of the King's Music after Elgar)

Fine signature and date on card, September

Item Date:  1927
Stock No:  30665      £10

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