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ECCLES (James)

Engaging Autograph Letter Signed to F. Hooper, of the Cross, Worcester, asking for the opportunity to go to sea, he excelled at the Academy, especially mathematics, and was intended by his parents for 'the Tutelary profession', but now at 17 he can think of nothing but 'the seafaring life', rather closely written but very legible, 2 sides large 8vo., Sanson Place, 2nd March

Item Date:  1823
Stock No:  51209      £45

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EDEN (William, 1st Baron Auckland, 1745-1814, Diplomat and Politician

Long Autograph Letter Signed, marked 'Private' to Sir John BERESFORD (1766-1844, Admiral, Second Sea Lord) saying that he had expected news earlier and that he has no "news to send you with respect to your own affairs; Mr Pitt's answer which I intimated to you in some detail put a sort of prohibition on me to importune him further and implied a promise that I should soon hear again from him. I see our friend Rose frequently; he seems to be low in spirits ... but the public circumstances are sufficiently bad to half break the heart of any man who takes a part in them. Lord Westmoreland told me ... that he had heard from Lord Waterton about you, and he expressed great warmth and zeal. My speculation is that Mr Pitt is intimating to the Duke of Portland that he cannot give way to this treatment; that the King is probably brought forward to give a similar intimation: that the negotiation with you in Ireland will be retarded from the difficulty of giving any provision to you that can be secured: that you can in no case be legally superseded without a reference to this country: and that if the reference should come it will be negatived. Nothing but the very calamitous crisis in which we are prevents this matter from having a much shorter decision. I think on the whole that you should stand steadily to your refusal to give way, and leave the rest to the Chapter of Courts. The manoeuvres relative to the Attorney and Solicitors Generals projected removal came to me last week ... I took the occasion to communicate them in a general way to Mr Pitt as making a part of the same silly and indecent system of jobs and patronage which he must resist in the first instance, unless he means to be dishonoured, and also to see the government of Ireland thrown into permanent confusion. This Dutch history exclusive of the public mischief affects Lady Auckland and me very much by the ruin which it brings on many excellent persons and families much connected with us in friendship. The parliamentary debates of next week will take an unpleasant turn; but I conceive that government will be supported by full numbers, though in bad temper, with low spirited language, and few expressions of confidence. The feel is that the opposition party is dreaded by the country at large: and that consideration is our main support ...", 2 sides 4to., with integral autograph address leaf and seal, Palace Yard,3rd January

Item Date:  1795
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[EDWARD (1739-1767, Duke of York, next brother to George III, Admiral)]

Part Treasury Document of 11th October 1763 ordering payment to Prince Edward, signed and receipted on the verso by W. Cadogan, 4½" x 8", 19th October bottom half lacking on cancellation, trimmed at left just touching two letters

Item Date:  1763
Stock No:  20070      £25

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EGMONT (John Percival, 1711-1775, from 1748 2nd Earl, Sir George HAY, 1715-1778, and Thomas PITT, 1717-1793, from 1784 1st Baron Camelford)

Signatures (as Lords of the Admiralty) from a vellum document, no date, circa

Item Date:  1764
Stock No:  55826      £85

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ELLICE (Edward, the elder, 1781-1863, Secretary at War 1832-1834)

Frank signed to Capt. Corkran at Athlone, no place, 14th April

Item Date:  1832
Stock No:  51271      £15

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