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[EDISON (Thomas Alva, 1847-1931, American Inventor of the Phonograph), Alexander Graham BELL (1847-1922, Scots-born American Inventor of the Telephone) & Sir Joseph Wilson SWAN (1828-1914, English Physicist, invented an electric lamp which anticipated Edison's and later produced the incandescent lamp)

Excellent vintage unsigned group photo showing the three scientists in a group standing and seated at a table with a telephone (?) on it, annotated on the verso with the names and place, 6½" x 5" in mount 10" x 8", Mento Laboraties, no date, c.

Item Date:  1885
Stock No:  29971      £500

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EDISON (Thomas Alva, 1847-1931, American Inventor of the Phonograph)

Fine typed letter signed to Mr Casson (Herbert Newton, 1869-1951, Canadian journalist and author who wrote primarily about technology and business)thanking him for his letter and saying that it "gives me great pleasure after 50 years of labor to know that my Ediphone has made more effective the effors of so useful a man as yourself ..." and hoping that when he is next in "this Country you will come out and see me ...", 1 side A4, headed "From the Laboratory of Thomas A. Edison, Orange, NJ", 29th June

Item Date:  1927
Stock No:  38056      £2250

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EIFFEL (Gustaf, 1832-1923, engineer, designer of the Eiffel Tower)

Fine woodburytype photo by Walery, showing him, three quarter length, sitting crossed legged in a chair, with facsimile signature, accompanied by a printed biography, 16½" x 12", no place, no date, library stamp in top left hand corner

Item Date:  0
Stock No:  25688      £375

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EINSTEIN (Albert, 1879-1955, German born American Mathematical Physicist, Nobel Prize Winner), Prof. Mordecai M. KAPLAN (1881-1983, Rabbi, Essayist and Jewish Educator, co-founder of Reconstructionist Judaism along with his son-in-law Ira Eisenstein) and Dr. David de SOLA POOL (1885-1970, Leading Sephardic Rabbi in the United States, World Leader of Judaism)

Rare and Important World War II Typed Letter signed by all three to Dr Moses Joel Eisenberg saying that "Large Jewish centers of our rich tradition, Germany, Austria, Poland with more than its three million Jews, and now Holland and Belgium, have ruthlessly been destroyed before our very eyes. The creation of a Hebrew Literary Foundation has thus become the imperative necessity of the present events so tragic for world Jewry when America remains practically the last and only "Stronghold" for our survival. While some work is being done for the immediate needs of refugees abroad, so surprisingly little thought is ever given to the harsh fate of some of the most brilliant refugees Hebrew scholars and writers who now find themselves in critical distress, without any other means of subsistence than their writing. As you know, the last ones to be helped are usually the scholars. It is definitely our responsibility to support the Hebrew Literary Foundation which offers – not as a matter of mere charity but in a dignified manner, in exchange for their invaluable literary and scientific contributions – the urgent material aid needed to save the lives of our scholars and assure the continuation of their writings, to enrich and perpetuate our tradition for generations to come. Many of the brilliant men have already lost their lives. The few who were fortunate enough barely to escape from lands of persecution and terror have lost everything they possessed, often even their manuscripts, and are now faced with extinction unless we help them at once. The plight of these scholars in a war-torn Europe is truly heart-breaking. But the more our Culture is in danger of going under, the greater will be our determination and efforts to save it. Every one should do his part, now, at the moment it is most needed. Could we expect from you a moderate contribution as your personal share towards saving and advancing the spiritual values of our people and civilization in the grave crisis we are facing. The time is short, as we are trying to help such writers as can still be helped before it is too late ... thanking you in behalf of a cause with which you are, no doubt, in sympathy ..."with a postscript asking him to "Please make your check payable to THE HEBREW LITERARY FOUNDATION, Inc.", 1 side A4, The Hebrew Literary Foundation Inc. headed paper, 1141 Broadway, New York, 2nd June

Item Date:  1940
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ELLIS (Henry Havelock, 1859-1939, Psychologist of Sex)

Autograph Letter Signed to Mr Trevillian, regretting that he "cannot undertake to autograph books, but you will be able to make use of my signature below ...", 1 side 4to., 24 Holmdene Avenue, Herne Hill, London S.E.24, 1st January

Item Date:  1931
Stock No:  13967      £45

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