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ECO (Umberto, 1932-2016, Italian Novelist, Literary Critic and Philosopher)

Autograph Note in French, Signed to "Chére Martine", cut from a full letter, saying that he is interested in her research and asking her what her interests are, 8" x 3½", no place, no date

Item Date:  0
Stock No:  40656      £95

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EDWARDS (Henry Sutherland, 1828-1906, Novelist and Journalist)

Autograph Letter Signed to John F. Boyes, (theatre critic of the Daily News), saying "Your friend got in all right. I did my best; but he did not need my support", 1 side 8vo, The Reform Club, 'Thursday 28th' n.y., c.

Item Date:  1890
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EGREMONT (John Edward Reginald Wyndham, 1920-1973, unpaid Private Secretary Prime Minister Macmillan, 1957-1963, from 1963 1st Baron)

Autograph Letter Signed to Donald McCormick, (1911-1998, Historian of the Secret Services as 'Richard Deacon'), saying "I am most grateful. You are bloody marvellous", attractive view of Petworth House at head, 1 side 8vo., as from Petworth House, 12th February

Item Date:  1964
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ELIOT (T. S., 1888-1965, American Born Poet, Critic & Dramatist, Nobel Prize Winner)

Second Edition of 'The Dry Salvages' with a fine signature from a Typed Letter Signed with "yours faithfully ... Editor", 4" x 2", no place, no date, the book in excellent condition, paperback with original dust jacket, 15 pages, Faber and Faber, December

Item Date:  1941
Stock No:  41469      £225

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'ELIOT (George', 1819-1880, Pseudonym of Marian Lewes, Novelist)

Unsigned Autograph envelope addressed to Kegan PAUL Esq (Charles, 1828-1902, Publisher and Author) in Paternoster Square, 4¼" x 3¼", St John's Wood, 21st May

Item Date:  1879
Stock No:  39470      £175

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