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[FARADAY (Michael, 1791-1867, Chemist & Physicist)]

Fine Large Unsigned Portrait Engraved by D.J. Pound from a Photograph by Mayall, showing him seated nearly full length, nearly full face, a smile just about to form, a book open on his knee, with the letterpress account of his life to date, including his early reading and experiments, his travels assisting Sir Humphrey Davy, his remarkable pioneering work, his powers of popular exposition and his hatred of 'half-truths', 8½" x 6¾" in margins 15¾" x 11¾", from the Illustrated News of the World, together 6 sides (three blank) 15¾" x 11¾", [London], no date, circa neatly disbound

Item Date:  1860
Stock No:  66241      £125

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FINCHAM (George, Surgeon and Apothecary)

Autograph Testimonial Signed for  Dr. Horatio Goodday,  (1807-1879) the writer on public health, naming him "my valued Friend and pupil ... who after his residence with me as an Apprentice, obtained prizes from the Society of Apothecaries & the Borough School of Anatomy, etc", and praising him as "an humane Man & a Gentleman", 2 sides 4to., 5 Spring Gardens, London, no date, watermark

Item Date:  1834
Stock No:  51211      £45

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FLEMING (Sir Alexander, 1881-1955, Scottish Bacteriologist, Discoverer of Penicillin), Augustus JOHN (1878-1961, Painter), Sir Ronald STORRS (1881-1955, Orientalist), Lord WEBB-JOHNSON(Colonel Alfred, 1880-1958, Surgeon), Lawrence BRAGG(Sir William, 1890-1971, Physicist noted for his work on X-Rays & Crystals, Nobel Prize winner jointly with his father in 1915), Sir Gerald KELLY (1879-1972, Artist, Portrait Painter), Charles CHESTON (1882-1960, Artist) and Sir Anthony EDEN (Earl of Avon, 1883-1977, Prime Minister)

The front cover of a menu for an Annual Dinner at the Chelsea Arts Club with an illustration of a bull and a cow smartly dressed up, the bull is holding his knife and fork out moving towards a steaming plate with a girl's leg on it, the signatures are on both sides, 11" x 8", Chelsea Art's Club, 30th April

Item Date:  1951
Stock No:  39829      £775

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FLEMING (Sir Alexander, 1881-1955, Scottish Bacteriologist, Discoverer of Penicillin)

Menu for a Masonic Dinner Meeting of "The Scot's Lodge ... The One Hundred and Ninety-Second Anniversary of the Birth of W. Bro.Robert Burns" signed on the verso on the page with the list of the Officers, inside is the Menu "Odd Sorts or Scots Broth an' ither kinds ... The Main Coorse? ... Sweeties and Ices ... Coffee ...", with quotes instead of actual dishes, and the Toasts on the other side, 2 pages 8vo., Holburn restaurant, WC, 25th January

Item Date:  1951
Stock No:  40921      £475

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FLOWER (Stanley Smyth, b.1871, F.L.S., F.Z.S., Director of Ghizeh Zoological Gardens, near Cairo 1898-1924)

Autograph Letter Signed to Prof. Jervis-Smith, 1848-1911, F.R.S., saying that "if Mr Armstrong cares to give us the Warriner, we will of course be pleased to receive it", but not to trouble specially, as "in these Gardens in fact they occur wild", heading in Arabic and English, 2 sides 8vo., Ghizeh, Egypt, 4th April

Item Date:  1902
Stock No:  19750      £45

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