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[FAILLY (Pierre Louis Charles Achille, 1810-1892, French General, Comte de)]

Report in French with translation, by the General, unsigned, probably in an ADC's hand, stating that "This march with fixed bayonets ... cost us only two wounded, and produced such an impression on the Garibaldians that they retired in a compact mass. The three companies of the right were deployed and straightway fired at will ... on the Garibaldians massed in disorder on the highway that goes up to Monte Rotondo", N.E. of Rome, "The papal army, responsible for the main attack, suffered more considerable losses", by comparison "those of the Garibaldians are enormous ... The number of dead recovered from the field of battle exceeds 600, with wounded in proportion, and the number of prisoners comes to 1600", 2 sides 4to., no place, 8th November trace of tipping in on left margin of verso

Item Date:  1867
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FALMOUTH (Evelyn Edward Thomas Boscawen, 1847-1918, from 1889 7th Viscount)

Autograph Letter in the third person to Sir William Treloar, (1843-1923, Lord Mayor), accepting for luncheon on 10th May, 1 side 8vo black-edged, Tregothnan, Truro, 25th April

Item Date:  1907
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FALMOUTH (2nd Viscount, Hugh Boscawen, 1707-1782, General)

Autograph Letter Signed to  Marquis of GRANBY  (John Manners, 1721-1770, Lieutenant General) asking him to appoint "Richard Pearce the younger of the 28th Regimt of foot Storekeeper of the Ordnance at Pendennis Castle in the place of Richard Pearce the elder ...", l side oblong 4to., no place, no date

Item Date:  0
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FAWCETT (Sir William, 1728-1804, Major-General)

Autograph Letter Signed as Adjutant General to 'My dear Lord' returning "the Proceedings of the Regimental Court Martial ... which I shew'd to Sir Charles Gould", the judge advocate-general, giving the latter "much useful information", so that Sir Charles will today represent to the King "the great impropriety of suffering this disagreeable business to be carried on any further", 1 side 4to., Great George Street, 22nd February

Item Date:  1792
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FAWCETT (Sir William, 1728-1804), Charles Stanhope, (1753-1829, from 1799 3rd Earl HARRINGTON), and Sir Harry CALVERT, (circa 1763-1826, from 1817 1st Baronet), Generals

Document Signed to the Rt, Hon. Dudley Ryder and the Rt. Hon. Thomas Steele, from 1791 Joint Paymasters General of the Forces, saying that "We the General Officers appointed to Inspect & Regulate the Clothing of the Army Do hereby Certify that the Clothing for the 19th Regiment of [Light] Dragoons commanded by ... Viscount HOWE", (William, 1729-1814, from 1799 5th Viscount), "having been inspected ... by a General Officer ... & found agreeable to His Majesty's Instructions", they desire the Paymasters to assign the Off Reckoning from Lord Howe to his agents, Richard Cox and Charles Greenwood, amounting to £5775 3s 9d, for the period 25th May 1799 to 24th May 1801, summary title on verso and list of part payments already made by the Pay Office, 2 sides folio, Comptroller's Office, 25th July

Item Date:  1800
Stock No:  56711      £575

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