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GAGE (Sir William Hall, 1777-1864, Admiral)

Autograph Letter Signed to 'My dear Admiral', Sir Richard Thomas, (1777-1857), saying "the appointment of officers goes chiefly through my hands" but not "civil appointments, including Naval Instructor ... Lieut. Ins. Elliot was put into the North Star by particular desire of some friends ... and is gone to China ... Your squadron will be augmented: the Talbot takes this and I believe the Satellite follows also the Growler", he considers that documents from Admiral Ross to Thomas were "a private communication ... a senior officer may continue so long as he shall deem his presence absolutely necessary for the good of H.M. Service, any delay in obeying his orders to return home he is bound to report, and it is for the Admiralty to approve or otherwise of his conduct", he wishes his nephew "now just returned from a five years cruize in the Chinese seas had a ship under your command", 2 sides 8vo, Admiralty, 7th July

Item Date:  1842
Stock No:  17010      £125

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GAGE (Sir William Hall, 1777-1864, Admiral)

Signature taken from a document,

Item Date:  1854
Stock No:  26943      £45

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GAINSBOROUGH (Charles Noel Noel, b. 1781, from 1823 3rd Baron Barham, from 1841 1st Earl)

Autograph free frank to the Revd. C. Seager in Teignmouth, London, 12th October

Item Date:  1831
Stock No:  20022      £10

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GALLOWAY (George Stewart, 1768-1834, 8th Earl, Admiral)

Autograph Letter Signed to Mr Collingridge, saying "The Carriage your House built for me 1797 I have left behind me in Edinburgh having finished its Career ... I wish a substantial and perfect Coach ... ready for my arrival in Town ... the first week in March ... Many more letters must pass ... I shall only say now that I want a Close Coach and tho' fashionable ... of medium Dimensions for a family, not heavy, tho' substantial for long journeys to this distant part of the world", he specifies the windows "I ... have had no Carriage built but by your House, and will not in London if you serve me equally well", adding only "Your springs ... were never so easy as from other Houses", and directing that they "correct this Error", 2 sides 8vo., Galloway House, Dumfries, 25th December n.y., c.

Item Date:  1810
Stock No:  20075      £85

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GARDINER (Sir Robert William, 1781-1864, General, Royal Artillery, served with Sir John Moore at Corunna and with Wellington in the Peninsula and at Waterloo, Governor & C-in-C Gibraltar, 1848-1855)

Autograph cover sheet signed in the third person "to The Rt Honble the Duke of Argyll", 1 side 8vo and conjugate blank, no place, no date,

Item Date:  1818
Stock No:  52062      £75

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