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GALLWAY (or GALWAY) (Jane, d. 1788, 2nd wife, 1734, of John Monckton, 1695-1751, Commissioner of the Revenue for Ireland 1734-1748, 1st Viscount)

Signature 'J Gallway' on a fragment of an Exchequer document of 25th June 1751 in favour of her late husband (who d. 15th July 1751), receipted by her, with pleasing elaborate flourishes in the clerk's hand, 2 sides 2¼" x 6¾", 8th November

Item Date:  1751
Stock No:  51687      £35

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GALSWORTHY (John, 1867-1933, Author of 'The Forsyte Saga')

Engaging Portrait in Reddish-Brown Pastel, by Tabor of Hamburg, with an imitation signature in the same pastel 'John Galsworthy' below the image and signed by the artist, showing him head and neck in profile to the right, with a broad smile, 10¼" x 8" in a window mount 14¼" x 11¾", Hamburg, dated on the back December

Item Date:  1924
Stock No:  56070      £125

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GANDHI (Indira, 1917-1984, Indian Prime Minister, Assassinated by her Bodyguard)

Fine Black & White photo signed and dated showing her three quarters length facing the camera and smiling, wearing a classic sari, 6½" x 4½" in mount 8½" x 6", no place,

Item Date:  1984
Stock No:  40060      £675

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[GARFIELD (James Abram, 1831-1881, 20th President of the United States)]

Fine unsigned cabinet photo by Emerson, showing him head and shoulders, with a printed signature in the negative, 6½" x 4½", no place, (New York), no date,

Item Date:  0
Stock No:  22983      £225

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GATHORNE-HARDY (Earl of Cranbrook, 1814-1906, Statesman)

Autograph envelope signed marked 'Private', addressed to  Benjamin DISRAELI  (1804-1881, Prime Minister), mounted with a print

Item Date:  0
Stock No:  7467      £25

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