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GALEFFI (Carlo, 1882-1961, Italian Baritone), John BROWNLEE (1900-1969, Australian-born American Baritone), Ildebrando PIZZETTI (1880-1968, Italian Composer) & Salvatore BUCCALONI

Signatures on the flyleaf taken from a book, 1 side 8vo., Teatro Colón, Buenos Aires, July left margin a little rough

Item Date:  1931
Stock No:  16611      £50

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GALLI-CURCI (Amelita, 1882-1963, Italian Coloratura Soprano)

Fine portrait photograph by Lumiere of New York, signed, dated and inscribed "To S.H. Porter very sincerely", showing her head and shoulders, full face, leaning on her left elbow, hand to head, a velvet cape irregularly draped round her neck and left forearm, and wearing a crescent shaped mantilla, n.p.,

Item Date:  1930
Stock No:  53107      £375

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GALLI-CURCI (Amelita, 1882-1963, Italian Coloratura Soprano)

Fine signature and date, in Mayfair Hotel headed paper top half laid down

Item Date:  1930
Stock No:  26949      £35

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GANZ (Wilhelm, 1833-1914, Organist, Violinist, Composer and Conductor)

Autograph Letter Signed to John F. Boyes, theatre critic of the Daily News, saying that "Mr Philip Newbury is a native of this Country - but he has been in New Zealand the greater part of his life ... Mr. Avon Saxon is the splendid Baritone ... an American ... he is engaged by Mr Carl Rosa & will make his first appearance in the Toreador at Liverpool next month", 3 sides 8vo, 126 Harley Street, 8th December

Item Date:  1888
Stock No:  17183      £30

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GARDNER (John Linton, b. 1917, Composer and Conductor)

Autograph picture postcard signed to Nelson Taylor, saying "Kind of you to write. It is nice to know that somebody likes my music!", with a coloured view of the beach at Youghal, Co. Cork, postmarked Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey, 7th February

Item Date:  1977
Stock No:  17184      £15

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