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GIBSON (Charles Dana, 1867-1944, American Illustrator & Cartoonist, best known for his 'Gibson Girl' drawings)

Autograph Letter Signed to Mr Lyons, apologising for "not sending you a sketch, but my agreement with the publishers wont let me ...", 2 sides 8vo., on facing leaves, Seven Hundred Acre Island, Dark Harbor, Maine, no date,

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GILBERT (Sir John, 1817-1897, R.A., Illustrator of Shakespeare)

Autograph Letter Signed to the artist  Henry Nelson O'NEILL , (1817-1880, A.R.A.), saying that he proposes "dining at the G. tomorrow, afterwards attending R.A. meeting", promising to join O'Neill "punctually at 6 o'clock", 1 side 8vo., on black-edged paper, Vanbrugh Park, Blackheath, Tuesday, no date, watermark

Item Date:  1866
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GILBERT (Sir Alfred, 1854-1934, Sculptor of 'Eros' in Piccadilly Circus etc)

Long Autograph Letter Signed to Madam apologising that his "letter should have conveyed a wrong meaning. I had no with to deny your coming to my studio as visitor, but as I have a distinct dislike of being written about I merely wished to convey to you as a critic that as long as my work was under my hands, I prefer not to show it through journalistic description to the outside World ..." inviting her to come when he will be "only too pleased to show you anything and everything I am doing if it interests you personally ..." but insisting that she must not write about it, 4 sides 8vo., The Avenue, 76 Fulham Road, 23rd March

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GILL (Eric, 1882-1940, Sculptor, Engraver, Writer & Typographer)

Brief Autograph Note Signed responding to a request from a newspaper [the London Evening Standard] to write on one of their 'quandaries' where celebrities where asked to give their opinion on some question of a moral nature, Gill's response is not present, only this covering letter in which he says that it is " a preposterous question but I send you an answer, yours faithfully Eric Gill ...", 1 side 8vo., Pigotts, North Dean, 5th May

Item Date:  1932
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Elegantly printed Ticket, in French with translation, made out to Mr. Clifford and party, to visit the Shop and Workshops, signed, on behalf of the General Intendant of the Civil List, by G de Wailly, Director of the Central Division, 5" x 7¾", Royal Gobelins Manufactory, no date, c.

Item Date:  1825
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