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GAINSBOROUGH (Charles Noel Noel, b. 1781, from 1823 3rd Baron Barham, from 1841 1st Earl)

Autograph Letter Signed to Benjamin Rawlinson Faulkner, 1787-1849, the portrait painter, saying that when he returns to town he "will have the pleasure of calling to see the Picture of Sir J. Thomson", 1 side 4to. black-edged, address on conjugate leaf, 1 Upper Harley Street, London, 21st May

Item Date:  1815
Stock No:  20023      £45

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GARDNER (Joyce, 1910-1981, Professional Billiards Player)

Fine Photograph Signed and inscribed "Yours sincerely, Joyce Gardner, Seven Times Champion"n showing her half length seated in front of her trophies holding her cue, 6½" x 5", no place, no date, circa

Item Date:  1935
Stock No:  39910      £125

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GARRATT (C. Foster, b. 1832)

Autograph Letter Signed to Sir William Treloar, (1843-1923, Lord Mayor of London 1906-1907), saying he has just spent a week with "the Provost of my College (Oriel)" and was the oldest member at the 'Gaudy', he recalls his father laying the foundation stone of London Bridge in 1825, with its Latin inscription by an earlier Provost, he was disapppointed not to be able to come to the Lord Mayor's luncheon to honour Sir William's 80th birthday, 3 sides 8vo, 16 South Parade, Bedford Park, W.4., 2nd July faint trace of laying down on blank fourth side

Item Date:  1923
Stock No:  17255      £35

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GARRETT (Revd. Charles, 1823-1900, President of the Wesleyan Conference)

Autograph Letter Signed to 'My dear Friend' (Mr. Priestley), thanking him for "your generous contribution to the Pitt St scheme. It is uphill work but by God's blessing I hope to reach the top ... If I had the money I believe we could move Liverpool", adding that "Charlie is apprenticed to Mr. Snow of Malton, the rest are all at home and are well", 14th March n.y., c.

Item Date:  1870
Stock No:  17186      £25

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GAVAZZI (Alessandro, 1809-1889, Roman Catholic Preacher, Anti-papal Publicist, supporter of Garibaldi, and founder of the first Italian Free Church, 1865)

Signature from the end of an Autograph Letter Signed in English, overleaf can be read "... only day I can devote [to your] wish, is the 7th September. The Sunday I shoul[d be] glad to pass ...", no date, circa

Item Date:  1855
Stock No:  50734      £75

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