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HALES (John Wesley, 1836-1914, Professor of English Literature at King's College, London till 1903)

Autograph Letter Signed to  Alfred William BENNETT , (1833-1902, Lecturer in Botany at Bedford College and St. Thomas' Hospital), telling him he has "found a letter about the Gresham College Professorship of Rehetoric, now vacant ... It is appointed to by the Mercer's Side of the Gresham Committee ... amongst the names I find George Palmer 58 Ebury Street", asking if that is Bennett's friend, and for help "with one or all of them ... The appointment is not worth much but it is perpetual and I should like the work", 2 sides 8vo., 1 Oppidans Road, Primrose Hill, N.W., 16th November n.y., c. laid down on conjugate blank

Item Date:  1875
Stock No:  13883      £35

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HARTLEY (David 1705-1757, Philosopher and Founder of the Associationist School of Psychology)

Fine Autograph Letter Signed to an unnamed correspondent sending him "2 letters from Mr Dingley with your own to the Jews Hebr & Engl & Dr Pococke's to Mr Dingley. I heartily wish you success in your inquiries, & think it a most laudable, excellent Design. Things seem to be gathering at a distance for some great event predicted by the Scriptures & it is certainly our Duty to be attentive & to look for & hasten towards the coming of our Lord & Saviour, whatever be the precise sense of this Scripture Expression. I make no doubt but the Jews will bear a great & glorious Part ultimately in the Happy Restoration of all Things. You will be very well pleased with Mr Dingley, when he calls upon you in his way to Town. He is a very worthy serious, ingenious Man, & will be very ready too assist in so good a Design to the best of his Powers. The Places you mention in the Old Testament are much to be inspected, there are many others no doubt where there is a Variation from the true reading that renders the Power (?) obscure or less emphatical than it ought to be, tho' not quite unintelligible ...", 2 sides 4to., Bath, 6th December some wear on folds

Item Date:  1752
Stock No:  39474      £475

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HORSLER (Thomas J., 1871-1955, 1st Baron Horsler, Physician)

Signature from end of Autograph Letter Signed inscribed "Yours sincerely"

Item Date:  0
Stock No:  11567      £10

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HUDSON (William Henry Hoar, 1838-1915, Professor of Mathematics at Kings College and Queens College London)

Autograph Letter Signed to John F. Boyes, theatre critic of the Daily News, regretting he cannot join "your dinner for the artists on May 11", 1 side 8vo, 15 Altenburg Gardens, Clapham Common, S.W., 13th April

Item Date:  1889
Stock No:  17433      £15

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HUMBOLDT (Alexander, Baron von, 1769-1859, Naturalist and Traveller)

Signature with some text in French from the end of an Autograph Letter Signed with the subscription in his characteristic upward sloping hand, "your very humble and obedient servant", 4" x 2½", no place, no date, laid down

Item Date:  0
Stock No:  39318      £350

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