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JAMES (George Payne Rainsford,1799-1860, Novelist & Poet)

Autograph Conveyancing document signed certifying "that I have made over to Captain Gardener all my right and title in the lodging now occupied by me over the second and third stories of the House of Monsieur Webber which I hold till Christmas week ...", 1 side oblong 8vo., Hendlebury, 26th October

Item Date:  1840
Stock No:  38343      £275

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JAMES (George Payne Rainsford,1799-1860, Novelist & Poet)

Fine Autograph Letter Signed to "My dear Hutchins" saying that he has been "waiting anxiously to hear from you respecting the manuscripts which I sent over and you received. Whatever delay may take place in Mr Newby's receiving it - if not occurring by any defect upon my side - must not of course, count against me, either in the date of his bills or the period of presenting the next manuscript. Both must be reckoned from the time when you called upon or sent it to him. The terms of our agreement are precise. The bills must of course be sent to me as they are always payable to my order and would be discounted without my endorsement. I cannot help thinking that one of my letters to you must have miscarried as is so frequently the case here. Were I in Norfolk I could tell you all I have written for all are registered the moment they are posted; but in travelling I cannot take such precautions and if I happen not to have stamps to put on the letter but prepay it in money every now and then the postmaster pockets the money and the letter never goes. We are now here staying with Walter at the most miserable backwood town you ever saw. The meat is so tough that Fanny cannot digest it at all and if it were not for Walter's gun and mine and our fishing rods, she would actually starve. No eggs, no fowls, no mutton, nothing but beef steaks as hard as iron except when we bring in game. However the expence of being starved here is not much for this place is as cheap as Norfolk is dear. We pay two shillings a day for board and lodging. Poor Norfolk is in the most awful State that ever was known. The yellow fever there is more malignant than it has ever shown itself elsewhere. Even the negroes catch it - a thin unknown elsewhere and few once attacked recover. Sorrow has become so great that not twelve hundred white persons are left in this town which numbered eighteen thousand. All the stores and shops - even the druggists are closed; the meat and fish market has ceased; none of the provision boats come in; the dying are left to die alone and the living are nearly starved. The acting Consul writes me word that no living thing is to be seen in the streets but the doctors hurrying from house to house, the horses dragging the hearses and the mourners following. Each day sweeps off one sixtieth part of the remaining population and I am in terror lest poor Crudshaw shouldlbe carried away too ...", 3 sides 4to., with integral autograph leaf and seal, Menasha, Wisconscin, 6th September

Item Date:  1855
Stock No:  39419      £975

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JAMES (George Payne Rainsford,1799-1860, Novelist & Poet)

Fine Autograph Letter Signed to "My dear Hutchins" saying that he had yesterday written him "a very melancholy letter and as far as the book trade goes my communication from Longman's of this morning does not improve the view they declining all arrangements but the hard bargain they have attempted to drive. I must therefore come to town. Nevertheless I write in better spirits for the sad state of my present calling has driven me to take more vigourous steps in search of another than I have ever before done or perhaps ever should have done. Summoning courage I must away this morning to Walmer Castle not to see the Duke but to see Mr Arbuthnot who as you know now lives with him always and possesses his entire confidence. I told him exactly how I was situated and what I wanted and instead of throwing cold water upon my hopes and cataloguing all the claims that rest upon government he gave me the greatest encouragement, said that he doubted not that with time and perseverance I should obtain what I sought, that I had every right to expect it, and that he would mention my views to the Duke. Adding, indeed, that the Duke had made up his mind in no degree to interfere with the distribution of patronage; but that he would take upon himself to say that if any person applied to the Duke respecting me and my capabilities his Grace would give me the highest character both for conduct and talent. He added emphatically 'and you may say so for I know it.' I confess this does raise my spirits and indeed the whole of Mr Arbuthnot's conversation with me which was long was in every degree encouraging especially as he is a man famed for peculiar discretion and for never saying one word too much. It was not a little gratifying either in the abstract to hear the opinion which he assured me the Duke entertained of me. Another thing, an act of generous friendship but also tended to inspirit me. Captain Vincent, the Chairman of the Conservative Association here has this day written to Mr Lindsay in whose famous struggle for Sandwich we both bore part, requesting him particularly to bring my claims before Sir Robert Peel and adding that he resigns all claims upon his own part in my favour and if he had served the Government well he shall consider any appointment conferred upon me as amply rewarding him. I told you all my bad news and I cannot refrain from telling you all my good also. I do now indeed entertain some if I can but hold on of obtaining some permanent less exhausting occupation than that which I have hitherto followed. I came to town on Monday by the Steamer from Herne ..." and ending with further discussion of possible travel and meeting arrangements, 3 sides 4to., with autograph address leaf and seal, The Shrubbery, Walmer, Dover, 17th October

Item Date:  1842
Stock No:  39423      £875

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JAMESON (Anna, 1794-1860, Author)

Autograph quotation from Wordsworth signed, "Yet despair Touches me not, though pensive as a bird Whose vernal coverts winter hath laid bare", on 1 side oblong 8vo., with blind stamped decorative border

Item Date:  0
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JAMESON (M. Storm, 1897-1986, Novelist)

Engaging photo from a magazine, signed on a very dark portion of the front and again on the back, showing her head and shoulders, nearly full face, strongly lit from above, gazing at the viewer with a smile forming, 5½" x 3½", no place, no date, c. laid down on card, very light vertical crease to right of image

Item Date:  1930
Stock No:  52287      £20

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