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JOHNS (Charles Alexander, 1811-1874, Headmaster of Helston School, 1843-1847, Published Popular Works of Natural History and Educational Manuals)

Autograph Letter Signed to J.B. Chandler, (Housemaster at Winchester College), saying that he is "very pleased to hear that so many of the alumni of your noble old College have an eye for the earth and its products, and that they find my humble little book useful ... I have some interesting Swiss plants in flower now" including some "I gathered last summer in the Gorner Gratt. I have also found two campanula and orchis pyramidalis in the neighbourhood ... also geranium pyrenaecium ... P.S. I heartily congratulate you on your well-deserved victory on Saturday", 3 sides 8vo., Winton House, Winchester, 4th July has been mounted on outer fold with slight browning

Item Date:  1870
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