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JAMES G. KING & CO. (Bankers, New York)

Part Cheque for £350 payable to Sir Patrick Colquhoun, (1815-1891, Q.C., Chief Justice of the Ionian Islands, Secretary of Leander Club), drawn on Baring Brothers, London, endorsed by him to Messrs Glyn & Co., no date, c.

Item Date:  1875
Stock No:  20114      £25

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JAMES I (1566-1625, from 1603 King of Great Britain)

Document signed, with transcription, to Sir William Uvedale, Treasurer of the King’s Chamber, for payment to John Powell “our Fletcher”, of £56 10s 8d for “212 sheafes of Arrows with Cases and girdles... for... our Guard and keepers of our Park at Theoballs [sic] for this Twentithe Yeare of our Raigne... And these shalbe your sufficient warrant and discharge... Geven under our Signett... in the twentith yeare of our Raigne of England, Fraunce, and Ireland, and of Scotland the five and fiftith”, signed also by John Powell and Robert Corke, papered seal of the Royal Arms, 1 side oblong folio, Westminster, 8th May

Item Date:  1622
Stock No:  42236      £4750

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JAMES II (1633-1701, King of England)

Autograph letter signed twice with initial 'J' as Duke of York, "For my Neece the Countesse of Lichfield", Charlotte Fitzroy, saying that he has "just now received yours of the 8; and it was very charitably of you to write so in favor of old Col: Legge as you have done, I immediately went and spoke to his Ma:, in his favor, and sent to Ld: Clarendon in whose gift it seems it is, who tho he had an engagement upon him, for an old servant of the family, will see what he can do to lett Jack Legge have it ...", adding that he is "just this moment agoing to London so that you must parden me for saying no more now but that I shall always be your most humble servant ...", and will be back by Sunday, 2 sides 4to., with integral autograph address leaf also signed with his initial, small red wax seal, Windsor, 9th August, no year

Item Date:  0
Stock No:  40739      £2250

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JAMES II & VII (1633-1701, King of England, Scotland and Ireland)

Fine early document signed as Duke of York addressed to his Attorney General Sir Heneage FINCH (1st Earl of Nottingham, 1620-1682, Lord Chancellor of England) instructing him to "forthwith prepare a Bill fit for his Mats Royall Signature, containing a Revocation of his Majesties Ltrs Patents lately graunted to Thomas Midleton Esq to be Surveyor of his Mats Navy, as also constituting and appointing John Tippetts Esq Surveyor of His Mats Navy in his roome with such powers, priviledges, requisite allowances, and in as large and ample manner as the said Thomas Mildleton held the same, with the sallary of five hundred Pounds ... to be paid quartlerly ... For which this shall be your Warrt; Given under my hand on board the Prince ...", Countersigned by Henry SAVILE (1642-1687, Politician, Courtier and Groom of the Bedchamber) "By command of his R. Highness", 1 side folio, The Prince, 20th June

Item Date:  1672
Stock No:  41140      £2250

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JOACHIM (Prince, 1890-1920, youngest son of Kaiser Wilhelm II, married Princess Marie-Auguste of Anhalt, committed suicide after his father's abdication)

Charming Cabinet Photograph by Eugen Kegel of Cassel & Elberfeld, identified in his mother's hand, showing him full length, in period dress in a studio setting

Item Date:  1896
Stock No:  37111      £325

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