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KARIN (Nora, b. 1885, Actress)

Fine vintage postcard photo by Philco, signed and inscribed, "With pleasure", showing her ¾ length as "Juliet", 5½" x 3½", no place, no date

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KAYE (David, b. 1916, Actor, Compere, Comedian)

Fine postcard photo signed and inscribed showing him half length, seated, 5½" x 3½", no place, no date

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KAYE (Danny, 1913-1987, American Actor)

Publicity Postcard photo, from Paramount Studios, showing him head and shoulders smiling broadly, titled "The Court Jester", 5" x 3", no place, no date traces of former mounting on the verso

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KEAN (Charles, 1811-1868, Shakespearean Actor)

Fragment of an Autograph Letter Signed, saying he does not think much "of the Gamester as an attractive piece. We always find it our weakest play - but you must know the pulse of your audience ... but pray come if you can", 3½" x 4½", no place, no date, circa remains on verso of laying down by edges

Item Date:  1855
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KEAN (Charles, 1811-1868, Actor)

End of Autograph Letter Signed with subscription "Believe me dear Madam very faithfully yours", laid down on left hand edge

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