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KAY-SHUTTLEWORTH (Sir James Phillips, 1804-1877, Physician, founder of English popular education, from 1849 1st Bart.)

Autograph Letter in the third person from himself and Miss Kay inviting "Sir James & Lady Emerson Tennent & Miss Tennent" to a "small family party" in London on the 18th "at ¼ p. 10", 1 side 8vo., Barbon Park, Kirkby Lonsdale, 11th April n.y., c. sides trimmed without loss

Item Date:  1860
Stock No:  51891      £45

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KELVIN (Lord, Sir William Thomson, 1824-1907, Physicist, Mathematician & Inventor)

Signature 'Kelvin' and date on an album leaf, 9th February

Item Date:  1897
Stock No:  30522      £85

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KENNEDY (Sir Alexander Blackie, 1847-1928, Engineer)

Autograph Letter Signed to Mr Conrad Cook, asking for a "few minutes talk with you about Oxford ... I could look in at your office ...", 2 sides 8vo., 2 Gloucester Place, Portman Square, 1st October

Item Date:  1893
Stock No:  1535      £25

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KENYON (Sir Frederic George, 1863-1952, Director and Principal Librarian of the British Museum 1909-1930, President of the British Academy 1917-1921)

Autograph Letter Signed to 'Dear Madam', commenting that "Obviously, two lectures ... in the same room simultaneously ... are merely mutually destructive; and it will be necessary to make some regulation to this effect", he does not wish "to discriminate between the usefulness of the Official Guide's lectures, and those of ... such as yourself, who have more special audiences; but as the Guide has to work to a [public] time-table", he thinks he "should have precedence" to the extent of not admitting a second class to the same room, or half of the Egyptian gallery, "In the case of two independent lecturers colliding, I think the rule can only be 'first come, first served' " and asks "if ... regulations on these lines would meet the difficulty", 4 sides 8vo, British Museum, W.C., 20th January

Item Date:  1912
Stock No:  17676      £45

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KEY (Charles Aston, 1793-1849, F.R.S., Surgeon to Prince Albert, one of the first to use ether)

Autograph Testimonial Signed for Dr Horatio Goodday, 1807-1879, saying he has passed "a long period at Guy's Hospital" and acquired "sound & extensive professional information" appropriate to "the duties of Surgeon to a district under the Poor law bill", 1 side 4to., St. Helen's Place, 23rd October

Item Date:  1835
Stock No:  18961      £45

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