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KAYE-SMITH (Sheila, Mrs. T.P. Fry, 1887-1956, Novelist of Fate and Sussex Soil)

Fine signature and "all good wishes from" on a piece of headed paper, 1 side 8vo., 3 Hereford Square, 20th August n.y. neat filing holes in each

Item Date:  1932
Stock No:  15600      £15

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KENNEDY (Benjamin Hall, 1804-1889, Headmaster of Shrewsbury, 1836-1866, from 1868 Regius Professor of Greek at Cambridge)

Charming Autograph Letter Signed to Canon Rickson, saying he does not know that he has "technically, any right to give or withhold permission to publish either of the hymns ... as they are not my own: but, as far as their presence in my collection is any warrant, you are heartily welcome", he has "not got my Hymnologia with me" but asks if he knows "my friend Walsham How, Rector of Whittington Salop", (author of 'For All the Saints'), who "would gladly inform you" if he knows, he continues, "Many thanks for your kind congratulations on my election to the Gr[eek]. P[rofessorship] - I have no doubt it has been so ordered for my good: I hope it may be also for that of our University. The success of William's sons is most gratifying ... on every account. I am going down to Cambridge tomorrow to settle the remaining prizes: but it would give me no little pleasure if I should find that the [new] Powis Medal", (for Latin hexameters), "falls to him. But of course I do not know he has written for it - but only suppose it probable. The two Odes were gained by my old pupil Hallam", 4 sides 8vo, The Athenaeum (of which Kennedy was an original member, 1824), 31st May faint traces of former laying down by narrow edge of side 4, touching two letters without loss

Item Date:  1867
Stock No:  56328      £125

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KENYON (John, 1784-1856, Jamaican-born Poet and Philanthropist, Benefactor to the Brownings and others)

Autograph Letter Signed to 'Dear Sir', venturing "to put a little book into your hands - which if you do not altogether dislike it you may attribute to me", ('A Rhymed Plea for Tolerance', 1833), "its literary execution I leave to your mercy. I am more anxious you should approve its spirit", 1 side 4to., 39 Devonshire Place, London, 3rd December

Item Date:  1833
Stock No:  12749      £75

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KER (William Paton, 1855-1923, Professor of Poetry at Oxford and of English Literature at London University)

Autograph Letter Signed to Sir Paul Vinogradoff, 1854-1925, the Russian-born legal historian, saying he has "nothing yet to report from Paris. I sent Taranger's letter at once to Professor Paul Verrier", 1 side 8vo., 95 Gower Street, W.C.1., 24th March

Item Date:  1919
Stock No:  19223      £20

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KERNAHAN (Coulson, 1858-1943, Review Contributor and Writer for Children)

Autograph Letter in the third person to Lord Mayor Treloar, delighted to accept his invitation to dine on 29th June, 1 side 8vo, 29 Cannon Place, Brighton, 14th May

Item Date:  1907
Stock No:  17680      £15

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