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KINGSLEY (Mary Henrietta, 1860-1901, Traveller, Ethnologist and Author)

Splendid collection of 27 Autograph Letters Signed (5 of them lacking a side or two at the beginning or end), written on her return from her second West African journey till shortly before she went out as a nurse to South Africa, the greater number to George William NEVILLE in Putney, (d. 1929, formerly with Elder Dempster, and the first Lagos manager of the Bank of British West Africa), and Mrs Neville, those to Mr Neville include an important discussion about 'Nana' (Nanna OLOMU, deposed as 'indirect rule' governor of what is now most of the Delta State of Nigeria), in social and economic terms, suggesting Nanna might be amenable to building a new town for himself and his people and provide labour for Mr Swanzy's mines, she bares her heart over the alcohol question, missionaries, amateur officials, her feelings about native Africans, always with deep knowledge and her unconventional brand of common sense, other letters deal with interviews, lectures and articles, on one of which her uncle William Bailey suggests she "emigrate not later than the 25th", others again with the calls on her energy by relations, all written in Mary's inimitable humorous style even under the most trying conditions, and with her remarkable ability to 'network', with a press cutting of the memorial, 1901, to her at Eversley, and a letter identifying the recipient of two of the letters as Grant Reid, editor of the Aberdeen 'Northern Figaro', Mary's letters 54 sides 8vo., 100 Addison Road and 32 St. Mary Abbots Terrace, Kensington, 11th October 1895 - 20th September

Item Date:  1899
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KINGSLEY (Mary Henrietta, 1860-1901, Traveller, Ethnologist and Author)

Pair of Autograph Letters Signed to Sydney A. GIMSON (1860-1938, from 1888 President of the Leicester Secular Society) thanking him for his letter and saying that she has "been very nearly dead with acute congestion of the lungs as a complication of influenza, but I am decidedly better today & I hope I shall be able to come on the 27th and will let you know for certain next week ...", 2 sides 8vo., the second saying that she is "making what the Dr calls a remarkable recovery but never having been ill for years I must say I do not feel very excited over my present feeble state ..." she continues about lecturing "of course I cannot think of charging any fee after the nuisance I know I must have been to you. I have also been a nuisance to several other people & I am going next week to try & repair various social damages I have caused commencing with our mutual friend Mr Clodd who had got together a bank of choice spirits for a dinner party to meet me ...", 2 sides 4to., both with original autograph envelopes, 100 Addison Road, Kensington, 22nd and 27th January

Item Date:  1898
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