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LARDNER (Revd. Dionysius, 1793-1859, Irish Scientific Writer)

Signature, with three others, with a note at the top 'Board Meeting of the Association' in another hand, no place, 30th August

Item Date:  1839
Stock No:  51048      £15

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LAYARD (Sir Austen Henry, 1817-1894, Archaeologist, M.P. & Diplomat, Excavator of Nineveh)

Autograph Letter Signed to "My dear Lord" regretting that "Thursday being a House of Commons night I am unable to accept your very kind invitation to dinner. Having taken a somewhat active part in Parliament I am now compelled very reluctantly to decline the engagement ...", 1 side 8vo., 9 Little Ryder Street, 5th March

Item Date:  1855
Stock No:  39546      £125

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LAYARD (Sir Austen Henry, 1817-1894, Archaeologist, M.P. & Diplomat, Excavator of Nineveh)

Long Autograph Letter Signed to"Dear Hunt" saying that "in consequence of your letter I have again read thro' the papers connected with Mr Finn's case. If evidence were required of his unfitness to be consul at Jerusalem and of the absolute necessity of removing him that evidence is amply furnished by Mr Finn's pamphlet. The fullest and most impartial enquiry was made by Sir E. Hornby into Mr Finn's conduct. The result was satisfactory to Mr Finn so far as his character and his honor were concerned, and proved that he had been very much maligned, but it confirmed the impression that it was absolutely necessary that he should go to another post. With regard to his pecuniary chums - they have been fully investigated Some of them have recently been allowed (it has taken some time to do this as there is a regular process thro' the Audit Office which must be gone thro') others have been disallowed. There has been every desire to do Mr Finn full justice - and I am, I can assure you, much grieved to hear of his unhappy state - but I really do not see what is to be done to assist him ...", 3 sides 8vo., Foreign Office, 21st December

Item Date:  1862
Stock No:  39547      £275

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LAYARD (Sir Austen Henry, 1817-1894, Archaeologist & Diplomat, Excavator of Nineveh)

Fine signature with subscription taken from an Autograph letter signed, 22nd Mary

Item Date:  1855
Stock No:  38348      £45

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[LAYARD (Sir Austen Henry, 1817-1894, Archaeologist & Diplomat, Excavator of Nineveh)]

Attractive Woodcut Portrait from the 'Illustrated News', showing him full length, three quarter face, speaking in the House of Commons and emphasizing a point with his right hand, 6½" x 5¼" laid down in part on old paper 7½" x 7¼", from p. 28 of the issue for 16th June tiny closed tear in blank background near laying down

Item Date:  1855
Stock No:  56019      £25

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