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LADE (John, Chief Assistant, BBC Gramophone Department)

2 Autograph Letter Signed to Mary L. Whichello of the Cheltenham Gramophone Society, with her signed file note inviting him, he suggests a choice of "The King of Instruments. Organ reeds in stereo", "The Pleasures of Early Music" and "The Gramophone in Broadcasting" (the latter ticked), 3 sides 8vo., Broadcasting House, W.1., 22nd April - 8th May with Miss Whichello's annotations

Item Date:  1971
Stock No:  51233      £35

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LANGDON (Hella, British Soprano)

Postcard photo signed and inscribed 'With best wishes', showing her seated, half length, in a thoughtful pose with her chin on her right hand, nearly full face, gazing at the viewer, and wearing beads, large simple earrings and bracelets, 5½" x 3½", no place, no date, circa

Item Date:  1935
Stock No:  52806      £35

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LARMORE (Jennifer, b. 1958, American mezzo soprano, sang the closing Olympic Hymn at Atlanta)

Colour photo signed and inscribed "to Keith !", showing her in a white gown as La Cenerentola at the Metropolitan Opera, 6" x 4", New York, no date, c.

Item Date:  1998
Stock No:  51558      £35

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LASCELLES (Hon. Gerald, b. 1924, Musician and Motor-Car Racer)

4 Typed Letter Signed to Harold Chipp of the Cheltenham Gramophone Society, arranging to talk on jazz (9th June 1959), asking if the audience "will comprise a predominance of classical collectors", suggesting in that case "a brief résumé of some of the historical influences", and agreeing to 30 gns. including expenses (23rd June 1959), arranging times on 30th November so as drive home afterwards (20th November 1959), and thanking him and hoping "when your members have recovered from mutual shock, they may feel inclined to delve further" (8th December 1959), 3 sides 4to and 1 8vo, Fort Belvedere, Sunningdale, Berkshire, 9th June - 8th December

Item Date:  1959
Stock No:  17716      £30

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LAUDER (Sir Harry, 1870-1950, Scottish Music Hall Entertainer)

Fine signature on card inscribed, "Yours sincerely" traces of mount on the verso

Item Date:  0
Stock No:  26959      £35

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