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MAARTENS (Maarten, Pen name of Jozua Marius Willem van der Poorten-Schwartz, 1858-1915, Dutch Writer who wrote in English)

Autograph Letters Signed with both signatures to "Dear Madam" saying that "Mr Ellison has given me yr very kind message & I need hardly say how greatly I appreciate it. I shall now look forward much more to my pilgrimage to Cambridge. My daughter is at Folkestone with her governess, we leave England on Friday week. I think the best thing for us to do wd be to meet at Canterbury early on Tuesday ... if it wd suit you to receive us then, we shall of course be delighted ...", 4 sides 8vo., National Club headed paper, 5th May

Item Date:  1904
Stock No:  40676      £75

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MACCLURE (Victor, 1887-1963, Detective Novelist)

Autograph Letter Signed to Eileen Cond, saying that it was "kind of you to ... tell me of your enjoyment of Frontéra", and promising to autograph her copy, he will correct "the printer's error on p. 306 ... I am greatly obliged", 1 side 4to., 1 York Street, W.1., 7th May two filing holes (one torn)

Item Date:  1937
Stock No:  17882      £15

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MACCOLL (Norman, 1843-1904, Translator of Cervantes, Editor of 'The Athenaeum')

Autograph Letter Signed to John F. Boyes, Theatre Correspondent of the Daily News, saying he has "forwarded the ticket ... to Mr Stephens who manages all the notices of picture exhibitions", 1 side 8vo., 22 Took's Court, Cursitor Street, Chancery Lane, E.C., 8th January tiny tear at foot without loss

Item Date:  1890
Stock No:  17883      £15

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MACINNES (Helen Clark, b. 1907, Mrs. Gilbert Highet, Scottish writer)

Autograph Letter Signed to Eileen Cond, saying she was "delighted to hear from you again - I recognised your writing", and hoping she has "a thoroughly good time with 'North from Rome' ", 1 side 8vo., Jefferys Lane, East Hampton, Long Island, New York, 5th September

Item Date:  1958
Stock No:  17887      £20

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MACKAIL (John William, 1859-1945, F.B.A., Oxford Professor of Poetry)

Autograph Letter Signed to Sir Paul Vinogradoff, 1854-1925, the Russian-born legal historian, saying that "the matter of cooperation with the Russo-British Bratstvo [Fellowship] was raised at the meeting of the Russian Sub-Committee" and unanimously agreed to be "most desirable ... I am asking Bullough to take special pains to fix ... such a day as will enable you to come", 2 sides 8vo., 6 Pembroke Gardens, W.8., 2nd November

Item Date:  1918
Stock No:  19222      £25

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