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NABARRO (Sir Gerald, 1913-1973, MP, Director of Companies, Broadcaster, Journalist, Publisher and Author)

Fine signature from a Typed Letter Signed

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NABARRO (Sir Gerald David Nunes, 1874-1958, Conservative M.P.)

Typed Letter Signed 'Gerald Nabarro' to A.J. Hall about the BBC programme 'Any Questions?' and Hall's views on too many Civil Servants, 1 side 8vo., House of Commons, 20th April

Item Date:  1967
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[NAPIER (Francis, 1819-1898, 10th Baron, Envoy to Washington, 1857-1859, and his wife Anne Jane Charlotte, 1824-1911, née Lockwood)]

Invitation, made out to Commander A. Ferrer, to "a Ball in Honor of Lord and Lady Napier at Willard's", arms of the United States and Great Britain finely engraved by Dempsey, at the foot is a remarkable list of the Managers for the Ball, headed by rival politicians James M. Mason, Senator for Virginia, and William Henry Seward, Senator for New York, continuing with many other Senators, high ranking names from the Army, Navy and Marines, Professors, the Mayor and others from Washington, 53 names in all, printed by F. Philp, 1 side 5½" x 8" card, Washington, 17th February

Item Date:  1859
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NAPIER AND ETTRICK (Anne Jane Charlotte, d. 1911, wife of Sir Francis, 1st Baron, Governor of Madras)

Part Autograph Letter Signed 'Nina Napier and Ettrick' to Sir Alexander Arbuthnot (1822-1907), recalling his "kind welcome ... when we passed our last hours there on our return from Calcutta. I shall read every word of the Minutes ... as Madras is very dear to me still. As ... Librarian in this house" she has given a special place to "your handsome Volumes" and hopes he and Lady Arbuthnot will "some day come to Scotland" and see them on the shelves, last 2 sides, no place, c.

Item Date:  1875
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NESSELRODE (Karl Robert, 1780-1862, Russian Statesman and Imperial Chancellor, Count)

Autograph Letter Signed 'Nesselrode' in French with translation, to 'Your Excellency', saying that he "would be most charmed to receive Your Excellency tomorrow Wednesday morning at half past eleven o'clock", 1 side 4to., no place, Tuesday 26th December (old style, 7th January new style), n.y., c. 1850/

Item Date:  1851
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