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NABARRO (Sir Gerald, 1913-1973, MP, Director of Companies, Broadcaster, Journalist, Publisher and Author)

Fine signature from a Typed Letter Signed

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NABARRO (Sir Gerald David Nunes, 1874-1958, Conservative M.P.)

Typed Letter Signed 'Gerald Nabarro' to A.J. Hall about the BBC programme 'Any Questions?' and Hall's views on too many Civil Servants, 1 side 8vo., House of Commons, 20th April

Item Date:  1967
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NESSELRODE (Karl Robert, 1780-1862, Russian Statesman and Imperial Chancellor, Count)

Autograph Letter Signed 'Nesselrode' in French with translation, to 'Your Excellency', saying that he "would be most charmed to receive Your Excellency tomorrow Wednesday morning at half past eleven o'clock", 1 side 4to., no place, Tuesday 26th December (old style, 7th January new style), n.y., c. 1850/

Item Date:  1851
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[NEWCASTLE (Duke of, Thomas Pelham-Holles, 1693-1768, Prime Minister)]

Contemporary copy letter with copy signature, when Secretary of State (Southern), to Governor Henry Worsley, saying that “His Majesty considering the length of time that you have been at Barbados has been pleased to appoint Mr Chetwynd to succeed you... with His most Gracious Acceptance of Yo.r Services”, allowing him to leave “the Care of the Governmt. to the President of the Council... or to wait for Mr Chetwynds arrival”, and hoping “it will not be disagreeable... after so long absence to return home to Yo.r Friends” including the writer, 1 side 4to., Whitehall, 14th May laid down on light paper, title ‘Coppie of Leave...’ on verso can still be read

Item Date:  1731
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NEWCASTLE (Duke, William Cavendish, 1592-1676, 1st Marquis, Royalist) & John HACKETT (1592-1670, Bishop of Coventry & Lichfield)

Document signed by the 1st Marquis of Newcastle in Latin, addressed to John Hackett (Bishop from 1661) about a living of which he is patron, saying he has presented Thomas Meynell to the Rectory of Kirk Langley, Derbyshire, and requesting his institution therein, vellum, 4" x 12", lacks seal, no place, 20th September 1662, together with a fine Autograph Letter Signed from Bishop Hackett to Sir Edward Bagot, Bart., of Bli(th)field, Staffordshire, about funds to restore the Cathedral, and soliciting contributions to choir stalls (at £8 each) and the new "Ladies' Organ", asking if he will agree to a gift of £100 from the late Sir Seamour Shirley's estate, which Shirley had promised for the "reparation" of the Cathedral after the civil war, he asks not to be referred to Sir Francis Burdett owing "to some apprehensions of my own discretion" or to the 1st Earl of Ailesbury, Hackett plans 52 choir stalls at £8 "with the names and escutcheon of the benefactor above ... An Organ is bespoken ... at £600 price to be called the Ladies Organ ... because none but the Honorable and most pious of that Sex shall contribute", seal impaling his and the diocese's arms, conjugate leaf bearing address laid down by inner margin, 1 side folio, Lichfield, with his letter seal, 5th September

Item Date:  1667
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