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NASMYTH (James, 1808-1890, Engineer)

Autograph Letter Signed to "My dear Bicknell" thanking him for his note telling him "the day you propose to set out for Foreign Parts ... I shall hold myself ready to attend to your promised instructions as to when and where we are to forgather. I hope it won't be a sic transit though might spot the glory o'monday - but we must take our chance in such matters, awaiting your ... 'further particulars' as to the hour and the place ...", 1 side 8vo., Penshurst, Kent, 18th October

Item Date:  1878
Stock No:  40055      £275

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NIGHTINGALE (Florence, 1820-1910, Nurse & Hospital Reformer)

Autograph direction signed 'F. Nightingale' and dated, addressed to Sir Bartle FRERE (1815-1884, Colonial Administrator, Governor of Bombay) with a note in the corner that it was "Returned by Dr Farquhar with many thanks", 9" x 5½", 2nd July

Item Date:  1870
Stock No:  41077      £575

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NIGHTINGALE (Florence, 1820-1910, Nurse & Hospital Reformer)

Autograph formal note on her headed paper "Miss Nightingale presents her compliments", in ink, 3¾" x 2", 34 South Street, Park Lane, London, 24th May

Item Date:  1865
Stock No:  41084      £425

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NORTH (Thomas, 1830-1884, Antiquary & Campanologist)

Autograph Letter Signed to Alfred Ellis concerning his "very valuable discovery at Barrow-on-soar & I am possessed of a Photograph of the relics ... the fact of yr finding no personal ornaments is simply in accordance with experience elsewhere and proves that the laws amongst the Romans enacted against the waste of trinkets and dresses by burying them with the dead was observed at Barrow ... Lamps similar ... have been found in other interments. The urn with two handles is of an exceedingly rare & valuable type ..." asking him to "preserve the fragments of what I have no doubt you properly imagine to be a lachrymatory or unquentarium; one is generally found in Roman interments. The remains of pottery too, should be carefully examined. I have little doubt you will trace the existence of a Pahera & a Prafericulum; that is a shallow saucer & a pitcher - vessels used for the funeral libation ... I notice in the Photograph a portion of an urn (pottery) that was also found ...", 4 sides 8vo., Leicestershire Architectural and Archaeological Society, Southfields, 18th March

Item Date:  1867
Stock No:  15439      £95

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