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NAMIER (Sir Lewis, 1886-1960, Historian)

Typed letter signed to historian Geoffrey F.A. Best, b. 1928, editor of the 'Cambridge Review', later Professor at Edinburgh and Sussex, saying he has "to cut down reviewing very seriously", and that "Cavour and Garibaldi" are of secondary interest to him, "If I now review at all, it is in the form of essays which can afterwards be reprinted in book form", 1 side 4½" x 7", 60 The Grampians, W.8., 8th June

Item Date:  1954
Stock No:  53517      £25

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NEGRI (Ada, 1870-1945, lyric poet and novelist, 1st woman member (1940) of the Italian Academy)

Autograph Letter Signed to 'Gentilissima', in Italian with translation, saying "I should have written before; but these days I am not very well and I feel rather tired", her correspondent's book " 'Mediterranean Baltic' is most interesting ... you have avoided descriptive pages written 'for effect', which are quite easy to write when travelling, and it contains quite fine and subtle observations on social progress; particularly women's life ... 'A dinner without an appointment' ... is capital ... eloquent, and worth translating ... into Swedish. I would go on longer, if I could", and wishing her "the best success with your fine book", 2 sides folio, Viale dei Mille 7, Milan, 4th February

Item Date:  1937
Stock No:  19419      £175

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NESBIT (Edith, 1858-1924, Author of Children's Books, Poet and Novelist)

Fine long Autograph Letter Signed to an unnamed correspondent saying that she has "no photograph with me here, but I have written home & directed that one should be sent to you. Will you please return it to me (at Three Gables ...) when you have finished with it. I don't know whether you care for information about one's work but in case you do I may mention that I hope to bring out a new volume of poems in this year, & probably two books for children - one of them to include the children's stories which appeared last year in the Pall Mall Magazine, and which have brought me much praise. I am also doing a series for fairy tales ...", 2 sides 4to., The Manor House, Rottingdean, 10th January

Item Date:  1899
Stock No:  38975      £625

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NEWBOLT (Sir Henry John, 1862-1939, English Poet, Novelist and Historian)

Autograph Letter Signed to Norris thanking him for his invitation which "arrived while I was away in the Channel Fleet, and now my wife is away at Cambridge ... with a grown up daughter! But I have no doubt she will be very glad to accept and come over with me as soon as we can find a day ..." and saying that he will be in touch when they are free, 1 side 4to., Netherhampton House, Salisbury 17th June

Item Date:  1908
Stock No:  39589      £75

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NEWBOLT (Sir Henry John, 1862-1939, English Poet, Novelist and Historian)

Autograph Letter Signed to Sir Paul Vinogradoff, 1854-1925, the Russian-born legal historian, saying he will give M. Lavenchy's name "to the Foreign Department of the R. Society of Literature and to ... the Anglo-French Society", and hoping "to meet you again ... to hear what are your hopes for Russia, & for the civilised world", 2 sides 8vo., Netherhampton House, Salisbury, and 29 Campden Hill Road, Kensington, 24th February

Item Date:  1918
Stock No:  19218      £75

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