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O'CONNOR (Thomas Power, 1848-1929, M.P., Journalist and Irish Nationalist)

Letter written and signed 'pp JHK' on his behalf, to J.A. Manson, at La Belle Sauvage Yard, Ludgate Hill, E.C., saying "Unfortunately we have too many people of our own with strong claims to take up Mr Ghose - I am sure he will before very long get in for an English Constituency as his ability is undoubted", he congratulates him "on the letter which you published to [John] Bright", the radical statesman, 1811-1889, "The speech you found was most important & has produced an enormous effect throughout the country", 2 sides 8vo, 38 Grosvenor Road, Westminster, S.W., 16th August

Item Date:  1886
Stock No:  17235      £45

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[OLIVER CROMWELL (1599-1658, from 1653 Lord Protector)]

Attractive small document in his name as "Lord Protector of the Commonwealth of England, Scotland, Ireland and the Dominions and Territories thereto belonging" being a Grant of Probate for "William Searle late of Honiton in the county of Devon, Postmaster ... said will was granted and remitted to Susannah Searle ...", 6" x 6" on vellum lacking seals, Court of Probate, 1st February

Item Date:  1657
Stock No:  39553      £575

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ONSLOW (George, 1st Earl, 1731-1814, Comptroller, Treasurer & Lord of the Bedchamber to the Royal Household)

Autograph Letter Signed to an unamed correspondent, saying his "extreme niceness about the Horses has caused me much trouble & I fear all for nothing, as I doubt you may object as much to those I have now sent. However, I have now bought them, not subject to any further inspection ..." and continuing with the arrangements, 2 sides 4to., no place, Monday, no date, watermarked

Item Date:  1730
Stock No:  2473      £40

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ONSLOW (Arthur, 1691-1768, Speaker of the House of Commons 1728-1761)

Signature 'Ar: Onslow, Speaker' on the verso of an Exchequer document, no doubt for payment of his salary, since the recto refers to 'his Majesty's General Letters of Privy Seal' of 26th June 1737, 2 sides 4¾" x 9½", 8th March lacks lower portion, date of Letters of Privy Seal shaved

Item Date:  1757
Stock No:  51699      £55

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ONSLOW (George, 1731-1814, Baron, 1776, and 1st Earl 1801) and DYSON (Jeremiah, 1722-1776, Clerk of the House of Commons, 1748)

Signatures from a document as Lords of the Treasury, n.d. but 1768 -

Item Date:  1774
Stock No:  51708      £75

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