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ORPEN (Sir William, 1878-1931, Portrait, Genre & War Painter)

Autograph Letter Signed ‘William Orpen’ to ‘Dear Miss Sylvia’ thanking her for “sending me the charming photograph - and I thank you from my heart, also the cigarettes., they are so good - that I smoked too many and have a smoky hot head at the moment - so forgive more. Your very thankful Painter...”, 1 side 4to., 8 South Bolton Gardens, no date

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OULESS (Walter William, 1848-1933, Portrait Painter, RA. 1881)

Fascinating series of 27 Autograph Letters Signed to Frank F. Mewburn, (born 1820 or 1821, Solicitor & Collector, of Larchfield, Darlington), and 1 autograph envelope, with many insights into the values of a fine young artist, his growing portrait practice, (including Charles Darwin's, 1875), good and bad hanging at the R.A., many comments on older painters including Holman Hunt and what his own contemporaries are doing, leisure snatched in a busy life, and the effect of London fog, with much gratitude for Mewburn's continuous support and introductions to his friends in the North, often in racy language, "I am sorry the portraits seem to them cross looking but all my portraits are more or less so. I cannot do the smile fearing a smirk ... I am furious at their hanging my Chemist above the line and that odious Mayor of Newcastle on the line ... I was delighted to receive your kind congratulations" (on being elected A.R.A.), with a Checklist of extracts, 146 sides 8vo, the envelope from Utrecht, 1st October 1880, the letters nearly all from 43 Bloomsbury Square, London, 1872-1875, 1877 & first 4 sides only present of 2 letters, some cross-writing (easily read), some a trifle dusty but generally in good condition

Item Date:  1884
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OWEN (Sir Francis Philip Cunliffe, 1828-1894, Director of the South Kensington Museum 1873-1893)

Signature, n.d., c. laid down

Item Date:  1880
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