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PARRY (Sir William E., 1790-1855, Admiral, Arctic Explorer)

Autograph address panel addressed to 'John Taylor Esq', "No 12 Bedford Row", with his black wax seal, 5" x 5", no place, no date, together with a contemporary engraving A fine pair for framing.

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PARRY (Sir William E., 1790-1855, Admiral, Arctic Explorer)

Fine Autograph Letter Signed to "Edge" asking him if he could let him have "without inconvenience the dimensions of the mast, yards, and sails of a Frigate of the Spartan's Class. I have lent somebody the book you kindly gave me some years ago, which I think contained this information ...", 1 side 8vo., Admiralty, 7th February

Item Date:  1846
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PARRY (Sir William E., 1790-1855, Admiral, Arctic Explorer)

Autograph note signed with initials to  T. Crofton CROKER  (1798-1854, Irish Folklorist & Antiquary, friend of Tom Moore, Clerk of the Admiralty), sending him "A minute for Mr Wood's consideration. A letter for the postage. A letter to answer. A letter to put by. A letter to frank. One for the post ..." and thanking him for "two days abstracts of business", 1 side 8vo., with autograph address leaf, no place, 6th February

Item Date:  1837
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