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PAIGE (Elaine, b. 1951, English Actress and Singer)

Signature & inscription "love and wishes"

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PARIS (Cissy)

Fine vintage coloured postcard photo by Russell, signed and inscribed, "Yours faithfully", showing her full length dressed in a full length cloak and wearing a hat decorated with ostrich feathers, 5½" x 3½", Crystal Palace,

Item Date:  1903
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PARKER (Louis Napoleon, 1852-1944, English Dramatist)

Autograph Letter Signed to "Dear Mr AITKEN" (Charles, 1869-1936, Art Administrator, Keeper of the Tate Gallery), making an arrangement for him to bring "Mr Darton at 5.30 next Sunday ...", 1 side A4, 3 Pembroke Road, Kensington, 31st January

Item Date:  1909
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PARKER (Louis Napoleon, 1852-1944, English Dramatist)

Good Autograph Letter Signed to Mr Harvey DARTON (Frederick, 1878-1936, Author Publisher and Children' Literature Historian) saying that he has "provided me with a great deal of pleasure today ... I was reading your delightful and most ingenious article in Cornwall this morning, and this evening comes the book which you have so generously inscribed to me. Of course I have only dipped into it ... but I have seen enough to know that I shall stay up late tonight and that bang goes work tomorrow ... I have often thought of you and Aitken and Menzies and all the other clever and kind people at Whitechapel ...", 2 sides A4, 213 Cromwell Road, Kensington, 28th October,

Item Date:  1922
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PARKER (Louis N., 1852-1944, English Dramatist)

Good signature

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