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PACKER (Ann, b. 1942, Gold Medallist, 800 metres) and her husband Robbie BRIGHTWELL (b. 1939, Silver Medallist, 4 x 400 metres Relay, both at the 1964 Olympics)

Signatures "Ann Packer Rob Brightwell" together on piece 6" x 5", also inscribed by Ann "Best wishes ... P.S. I forgot to post this", no place, no date, circa

Item Date:  1964
Stock No:  54412      £30

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PARKER (Robert John, 1857-1918, Judge, Baron Parker of Waddington)

Autograph Letter Signed to James Frederick Chance, (1856-1938, Hon. Secretary to the Eton War Memorial Fund), giving the dates and times when he is usually free, "but on Wednesday 25th Mar. I am engaged", 1 side 8vo, Aldworth, Haslemere, Surrey, 4th March

Item Date:  1917
Stock No:  15178      £15

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PARKER (Charles Stewart, 1771-1828, Partner in McInroy Parker & Co., Trading into Demarara)

Autograph letter signed to his partner  Samuel Sandbach  (1769-1851, Mayor of Liverpool 1831-1832), replying on behalf of Mr McInroy, who is on Jury service, saying they will "take the copper on from Messrs Borradailes" at 18p per lb., he is "pleased with the sale of my Cotton altho' it would appear the price is rather declining", paying off Mr Porter "would be a bad precedent to come to anything like a final Settlement with Him without doing the same with every other person ... we recommend you to send him about £600 ... which will leave something in our hands for after clap - Conceiving Lace to be an article much easier to procure with you than here, I would recommend your sending it from Liverpool", also urging him "to state to Mr Porter ... that we shall look to him in case of need to refund the whole or any part of the money ... a friendly accommodation which we have granted to no one besides himself", and asking "Have you any word of the William Heathcote?", with a P.S. "there are no negro hats to be had here at any thing like Mr Hopkinsons limits ... Mr McInroy promised a few by way of favor @ 18/- which he sends out on account of this house in Demerary", 1 side 10" x 8", address on conjugate leaf with Glasgow postmark, Glasgow, 24th September

Item Date:  1804
Stock No:  54245      £875

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PARKER (Joseph, 1830-1902, Congregationalist Divine)

Autograph Letter signed to Rev Edwin Paxton HOOD (1820–1885, Nonconformist and Author) saying that "Exeter Hall disables me, & will do so for a time. Though I cannot help you now, & so do myself a very special pleasure, I shall hope to be in your prefit (?)before many months ... Foolishly I have taken far too many extra engagements for October ...", 1 side 8vo., The Rosstrappe, Highbury New Park, 25th September

Item Date:  1872
Stock No:  38770      £175

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PARKER (Joseph, 1830-1902, Congregationalist Divine)

Autograph Letter signed to H. MERIVALE (Herman, 1806-1874, Under-Secretary for India) saying that he had "mislaid the Pain-Pain, till it turned up this morning in a hoard of such matter. I have no authority from Philips, who gave me the copy to circulate or ascribe it to him & therefore please do not lend it. The other, the MS is not 'Private' or 'confidential'. Please return the in a week - the regulation time of literary Book-loans. Show the Duke the Wakefield-iana. His narrative is a ... French novel. Mr Turner, who was a client of mine in an Election Petition, told me that pending the abduction Trial he received anonymous letters from the 'Wakefield Family' vile beyond belief, to induce him to submit to the felony. The only member not bad & mad was the late Colonel ...", 3 sides sm. 8vo., 2 Savile Row, 18th January

Item Date:  1854
Stock No:  40298      £225

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