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PAGET (General Sir Edward, 1775-1849, Commander in Chief of Burmese Campaigns, Governor in Chief in India from 1823)

Fine Document signed and sealed in his capacity as Commander in Chief of all the forces in the East Indies, printed with the details filled in by hand, appointing Joseph Adams, “to hold the rank of Surgeon in the King’s Army in the East Indies...”, 1 side oblong folio with wax seal, Fort William in Bengal, 21st January

Item Date:  1823
Stock No:  41909      £375

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PARKER (George, son of Sir Thomas PARKER, 1695-1784, Barrister and Judge, and father of Sir William PARKER, 1781-1866, Admiral of the Fleet)

Fine Autograph Letter Signed to 'Dear Sir John' DUCKWORTH (1748-1817, Admiral) saying he has "reason to believe that a letter of thanks which I had the honor of addressing to you when Lord St Vincent quitted the Admiralty, was neglected to be forwarded, or has miscarried, and having been since favored by yours of the 30th May, inclosing one for William (which I conclude he has acknowledged from the Mediterranean) I cannot resist, though at so late a period, expressing our obligations for your kind attentions on all occasions, & particularly for your continued friendship to William, who has a grateful heart, and feels all your goodness to him as he should do. The principles and professional knowledge he acquired under your auspices have alone rendered him what he is, & we are all flattered by the most favorable reports of him as an Officer, and a Gentleman. He has written fully to Mr Pickford on the subject of some serious accounts with the Partners and Executors of the late Mr Waterhouse, on the balance of which he must be entitled to a considerable sum, and I fear he has too much reason to complain of the backwardness and delay that has occurred in bringing forward even a statement of his account. The manner in which former applications have been treated in England is distressing, and by my advice William intends to solicit your countenance for Mr Pickford to obtain an investigation of the accounts and if possible part of the balance. My Father, who thank God, keeps his spirits ... directed me to present his kindest regards & compliments whenever I should write to you ..." with a long postscript saying that should he "at any time wish to place the Son of a Seaman in Greenwich (Hospital) School, I shall always have a nomination at your Service. The prescribed age for admission is between 11 & 13. Lord St Vincent is unusually well & begs his compliments ...", 3 sides 4to., 41 Trinity Square, 15th November

Item Date:  1804
Stock No:  41724      £375

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[PARKER (Sir William, 1st Baronet, 1781-1866, Naval Officer, Admiral of the Fleet)]

Original Vintage Photograph of the Memorial in Lichfield Cathedral, showing the marble casket behind columns with a long inscription behind it, 8" x 5½", on mount 10" x 8", Lichfield Cathedral,

Item Date:  1866
Stock No:  39794      £75

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PAYNE (Keith, b.1933, Australian Army 1951-1975, V.C. 1969)

Signed Portrait Photograph with his signature 'Keith Payne VC' in the left blank background, showing him half length, full face, in military short sleeved shirt and beret, a strong gaze in his eyes, 6" x 4", no place, no date, taken circa

Item Date:  1969
Stock No:  54887      £125

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PÉTAIN (Henri, 1856-1951, Marshal of France)

Postcard signed, in French with translation, to 'Madame', saying that her "sympathy for my country, so spontaneously and kindly expressed has touched me deeply", and thanking her, 1 side card, 4" x 5½", Sector 5, 27th December remains of laying down on verso

Item Date:  1916
Stock No:  51977      £275

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