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PACKER (Ann, b. 1942, Gold Medallist, 800 metres) and her husband Robbie BRIGHTWELL (b. 1939, Silver Medallist, 4 x 400 metres Relay, both at the 1964 Olympics)

Signatures "Ann Packer Rob Brightwell" together on piece 6" x 5", also inscribed by Ann "Best wishes ... P.S. I forgot to post this", no place, no date, circa

Item Date:  1964
Stock No:  54412      £30

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PANTING (WIlliam, Vicar of the Parish of St Michael's Coventry in 1633)

Autograph Receipt signed for £50. received from the City Corporation “by the hands of Humfrey Burton” for a half year’s allowance for the Parish tythes, being the half year ended 29th September last, 1 side folio, Coventry, 25th November

Item Date:  1642
Stock No:  41782      £175

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PARKER (Joseph, 1830-1902, Congregationalist Divine)

Fine Cabinet Photo by G. & R. Lavis of Eastbourne boldly signed showing him three quarters length in profile, seated in a chair with a book in his lap and more on the table next to him, 6½" x 4¼", no place but Eastbourne, no date

Item Date:  1872
Stock No:  41484      £200

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PARKER (Joseph, 1830-1902, Congregationalist Divine)

Autograph Letter signed to H. MERIVALE (Herman, 1806-1874, Under-Secretary for India) saying that he had "mislaid the Pain-Pain, till it turned up this morning in a hoard of such matter. I have no authority from Philips, who gave me the copy to circulate or ascribe it to him & therefore please do not lend it. The other, the MS is not 'Private' or 'confidential'. Please return the in a week - the regulation time of literary Book-loans. Show the Duke the Wakefield-iana. His narrative is a ... French novel. Mr Turner, who was a client of mine in an Election Petition, told me that pending the abduction Trial he received anonymous letters from the 'Wakefield Family' vile beyond belief, to induce him to submit to the felony. The only member not bad & mad was the late Colonel ...", 3 sides sm. 8vo., 2 Savile Row, 18th January

Item Date:  1854
Stock No:  40298      £225

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PARKER (Henry, Farmer)

Autograph Letter Signed to Alfred Ellis, (1821-1879, 2nd son of John Ellis), telling him that "It was not on my Farm the nest was taken ... there were two young Ones of the Large Brown Owls ... I have seen the Young Ones a great many times", 2 sides 8vo., Burnett Farm, near Bristol, 1st November

Item Date:  1858
Stock No:  15179      £15

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