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RANJITSINGHI (Prince, 1872-1933, Maharajah of Nawangar, Indian Cricketer)

Exceptional signature "Ranjitsinghi" with the words "yrs truly", 1 side 4to., 12 Burleigh Street headed paper, no date

Item Date:  0
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RAY (James Earl, 1928-1998, American Felon convicted of killing Martin Luther King in 1968)

Fine Typed Letter Signed from Prison to Nick Bougas thanking him for his suggestions and saying that "The publisher just had 1000 copies run off in the 1st edition, and we are now in the process of printing a revised edition. I may have mentioned it earlier but the guy who edited the book left the country apparently to avoid a misdemeanor tax conviction -- he is connected to an organisation that lobbies against the fed. tax laws. Anyway he had most of the book material in a computer which the others in the office don't have access to. So the next edition will take a little more work than usual. In addition we are adding some updated material in the 2nd & toning down certain passages ... When the 2nd edition is printed I will let you know about sending 12 or whatever copies ... The picture is enclosed. The sketch looks ok. Anna is an artist. She used to be a courtroom artist. I'll send you the labels or a book plate when I hear about the next edition. I doubt if I could actually sign ...", 1 side 4to., with original envelope stamped "The writer of this letter is a resident of a penal Institution", Petros, TN 37845, 3rd June

Item Date:  1987
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Group of 9 receipts for quarterly rents from Isaac Renshaw (sometimes Ranshaw), signed by Charles Wright or N.W. Wright, for £4 3s 6d then £5, 4s per quarter is also due for water but irregularly paid, revenue stamps, c. 3" x c. 7½", no place, 4th February 1812 - 8th February

Item Date:  1815
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Manuscript Recipes in French, with a few in English, for a mouth-watering and very large range of patisseries, entremets fantaisis (fancy sweets), petits fours secs (macaroons, galettes, biscuits, etc.), soufflés, glaces, bombes, and fruit dishes, with a few special sauces, soups, and scones, mainly in one hand (possibly German or Russian), and, near the end, in a French hand, menus and wine lists from special occasions, in particular the 'Fêtes Franco-Espagnoles' (pp.66-71, 7 menus), 'Voyage du Président Loubet à Bordeaux en 1905' (p.73-74), and the 'Fêtes Franco-Anglaises' (p. 75), over 200 recipes not counting the many single-line descriptions of 'bombes', 76 sides 8½" x 6¾", n.p., c. 1905 - unstitched and hard covers detached, apparently lacking two leaves, existing order not quite certain

Item Date:  1909
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Recipe using "a Pint of Pearl Barley ... pour on it two quarts of boiling water (Spring) the Rhind of two Lemons - the thinner ... the better, half an ounce of Hartshorn Shavings, let it stand till cold ...", 1 side 4to., no place, no date c.

Item Date:  1800
Stock No:  16708      £20

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