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RAMSAY (Edward Bannerman, 1793-1872, from 1841 Dean of Edinburgh, author of 'Reminiscences of Scottish Life and Character')

Signature on piece, with identification below, 23 Ainslie Place, Edinburgh, no date, c.

Item Date:  1870
Stock No:  51909      £15

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RAMSAY (Alexander, 1822-1909, Writer & Agriculturalist, from 1847 Editor of the Banffshire Journal)

Autograph Letter Signed to 'Dear Tiffin', saying he finds that "we shall have to use Goldsmiths' Hall before the Beer subjects", asking him to "leave them, therefore, and make with all possible speed two drawings ... an exterior and an interior of some part ... the great room where they give feasts would be best I think. We must have the blocks home here by Saturday week", with a P.S. saying "I got home last night soon after 11, as hot as if I had rowed for the first of August coat and badge. Eight miles is a pretty decent pull. Platt reached home about the same time. Bowman had only to saunter to do his task comfortably", 2 sides 8vo., no place, 3rd August

Item Date:  1842
Stock No:  55938      £35

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RANSOME (Arthur, 1884-1967, Writer of 'Swallows & Amazons')

Fine Typed Letter Signed with Autograph corrections to J. Higgins saying that "thousands of people of all ages go to the Broads to learn how to sail, and, after half an hour's instruction by the boat-hirer go off sailing extremely badly and within a very few hours are managing quite well, and at the end of their week have taught themselves and bring their boats back with all but professional skill. Do not on any account hire a boat with a skipper, If you prove to be incompetent yourself (which I do not expect) your son, aged twelve, will see that you come to no harm. A motor cruiser will be a disappointment to him and will merely put off for a year the beginning of your own sailing education. One other important point. Hire the SMALLEST boat into which you can cram yourselves. As for avoiding the more populous places ... you can moor to the bank almost anywhere. You should not go south of Acle until you have had a little experience. For many years I used myself to hire FAIRWAYS ... but there are plenty of other such boats ... And you should settle down to do a lot of home-work, reading elementary works on sailing ... don't be misled by modesty into hiring a motor cruiser. In another twenty years perhaps, but nobody is fit to run a motor cruiser on the Broads until he has sailed and consequently understands what the sailing boats he will meet are actually doing and going to do. I am quite sure that your son will pull you through. I have seen it happen again and again .. With best wishes for the success of your first voyage ...", 2 sides oblong 4to., Jonathan Cape headed paper, 30 Bedford Square, 9th January

Item Date:  1950
Stock No:  40670      £225

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RATTIGAN (Sir Terence, 1911-1977, Playwright)

Signature on piece, no date, circa traces of laying down on blank verso

Item Date:  1950
Stock No:  54651      £25

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RAYMOND (Diana Jean, writer, wife of Ernest Raymond)

Autograph Letter Signed to Eileen Cond, returning her bookplate signed, it is "truly encouraging to hear" from her and that she enjoyed 'Front of the House', 1 side 8vo., 22 The Pryors, East Heath Road, N.W.3., 17th January n.y., c.

Item Date:  1971
Stock No:  18760      £20

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