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[RHUMEL (Johann Pharamund, German Medical Writer)]

Fine Engraved second title page to his 'Medicina Spagyrica Tripartita oder Spagyrische Artzneykunst, in drey theil getheilet', engraver's monogram FS, showing figures of Hermes and Arnoldus de V[illa] N[ova], below are scenes of a doctor's visit, a distillation, and preparing remedies, 4¾" x 2¾" (12cm x 7.1cm) plus small margins, Frankfurt, Johan Hüttner,

Item Date:  1648
Stock No:  50815      £45

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RICHMOND (H.G., of Headingley, Botanist)

Autograph Letter Signed to  Alfred William BENNETT , (1833-1902, Lecturer in Botany at Bedford College and St. Thomas' Hospital), saying that is he was "so lucky to be able to go over my duplicates ths year ... and if I find Polygalas, I hope to be able to lay out some dupl. for you, decidely not Morisiana, though I hope to gather it this year ... then, perhaps Morisiana. As to your task you should travel our whole continent to see the types in grand coll[ections] ... we have to cross the channel, all is benefit of science, railway companies, & hotel keepers", and supplying references for "Kerners two Polygala", 1 side 8vo., Headingley, 6th February with stub of conjugate blank

Item Date:  1877
Stock No:  13886      £30

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ROBERTSON (George Croom, 1842-1892, Scottish Philosopher)

Autograph Letter Signed to Mr Bennett, suggesting that the "simplest way is to enclose the accompanying statement ..." and telling him to contact Professor Charles direct, 1 side 8vo., 31 Kensington Park Gardens, 1st July

Item Date:  1881
Stock No:  2794      £25

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ROLLESTON (Sir Humphry Davy, 1862-1944, Physician and Medical Editor, Baronet)

Typed Letter Signed to Mr. Barnsley, approving the title of his thesis for M.B., "you should give a summary of the literature ... with references before you analyse the cases which you have observed and collected and ... tabulate your conclusions", mounted diagonally on a 4to. album leaf surrounded by pen sketches of a G.P.'s 'tools of the trade', coat-of-arms in heading, the letter 1 side oblong 8vo., Southfield, Trumpington Road, Cambridge, 2nd December

Item Date:  1929
Stock No:  16295      £25

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ROMANES (George John, 1848-1894, F.R.S., Naturalist)

Signature from a letter, n.d., c.

Item Date:  1890
Stock No:  18807      £40

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