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RADZIWILL (Prince Friedrich Wilhelm Paul, 1797-1870, Prussian Infantry General, from 1833 Duke of Nieswicz and Olyka)

Autograph Letter Signed in charming English to 'My dear Jones', who has returned to England for his son's education, saying that the political horizon is "too much clouded" for the writer to visit, he wonders if "the rascally Belgians are to involve us" including his Brigade, adding "little honour would be gained, ... if we are to go to war I would prefer a direct outbreak with France", he praises the Whig Ministry, "Tory Ministers would be too involved in party questions" to act "with the same energy in foreighn questions" as the Whigs "seem determined to do", he describes his full house, "my mother in law & her family spending the winter in our house ... a Vie de Chateau in town ... If a body of our troops should assemble on the Rhine in spring perhaps you would ... treat yourself to a tea Kettle & steam up to see your old friend", 2 sides 4to., Berlin, 14th January short tear at fold without loss

Item Date:  1839
Stock No:  20121      £95

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RAINIER III (Louis Henri Maxence, 1923-2005, Sovereign Prince of Monaco)

Fine coloured postcard photo boldly signed by the Prince showing him head and shoulders wearing uniform bedecked with medals, his hand on his mouth, smiling, 6" x 4", no place, no date, circa

Item Date:  1950
Stock No:  38561      £125

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RAINIER III (Louis Henri Maxence, 1923-2005, from 1949 Reigning Prince of Monaco)

Fine 20 francs stamp, signed in the right margin in blue over the red design, showing him three quarter length, full face in uniform with decorations, commemorating 50 years' reign, the stamp in blue overprinted in gold with the royal cipher, wide margins with the dates, the royal arms in red, and his title, at the sides are vertical borders of red lozenges, 52mm x 40mm (2" x 1¾") in margins 130mm x 100mm (5¼" x 4"), unmounted mint, the signature no place, no date but Monaco,

Item Date:  1999
Stock No:  52955      £75

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[RAINIER III (Louis Henri Maxence, 1923-2005, Sovereign Prince of Monaco) & his wife Princess GRACE (1928-1983, formerly Actress Grace Kelly)

Commemorative vase by Porcelaines d'Artes in Monte Carlo, with a transfer printed image of them on the front, 8 inches high, decorated in red, gilt, blue and white

Item Date:  1959
Stock No:  31029      £75

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[RASPUTIN (Grigoriy, 1871-1916, Russian Peasant and Mystic, asassinated by a group of noblemen led by Yussopov due to his overwhelming influence over Alexandra Feodrovna and Nicholas II)]

Unsigned Russian postcard photo showing him surrounded by the entourage of Her Majesty's ladies in waiting, including her best friend Anna Vyruvora, (1884-1964), 5½" x 3½", no place, no date,

Item Date:  1916
Stock No:  28898      £375

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