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S.S. 'REX' (1931-1944, of the Italia Line, Holder of the Blue Riband, 1933-1935)

Fine Luncheon Menu, in Italian and English, bearing an evocative engraved picture of the 'Rex' steaming towards New York harbour, and offering a magnificent variety of "Cocktails ... Antipasto ... Zuppe ...", 14 headings in all, for those unable to choose there is a "Suggestion" in English, on the back is the flag combining the St George's Cross (for Genoa) and the Silver Halberd on red (for Trieste) after the mergers that formed the company in 1932, 4 sides 4to., 3rd October a few very light marks on side 3

Item Date:  1933
Stock No:  55552      £125

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SAINT-HILAIRE (Louis Vincent Joseph Le Blond de, 1766-1809, General de Division, 1799, from 1808 Count of the French Empire) and MONARD (Jean Baptiste Nicolas de, 1750-1831, General de Brigade, 1793, General of the French Empire, 1803)

Discharge Certificate Signed by both, in French with translation, granting leave to retire home ("à ses foyers") on half-pay ('réforme'), "to Philippe Lemay ... of Company No. 1, 1st Battalion, native of Collé [sic, Collinée] ... Côtes du Nord, aged 26 years ... who has served from the 27th April 1793 to the 5th Complementary Day Year 8 [22nd September 1800], on which date he was fully discharged as being no longer fit to continue in service", on provisional pay "until his Retirement Pension be set by the Ministry of War", giving Lemay's Summary of Service, beginning "in the former Walsh's Regiment now part of the 47th Half-Brigade the 17th April 1793. Took part in the campaigns of the Years 2, 3 and 4 with the army of the United Côtes de Brest and Cherbourg ... Year 7 with the army of the Alps and Year 8 with the army of Italy. Received a gunshot wound to his Left Knee the 1st Vendémiaire [23rd September 1799]" and on "the 8th [30th September] took part in the withdrawal from Pignerolles in Piedmont", there follow the signatures of the 47th's Administrative Council (7, including three Captains), and in either margin "St Hilaire" as General commanding the 8th Division, and "Monard" as the Division's "Inspecteur aux Revues", with their stamps, overleaf is an interesting record, signed "Cochois" as Quarter-Master Treasurer, of 5 francs 50 centimes paid to Lemay in respect of "Linen & Footwear", and that he has received his normal pay for the last five months of Year 8, printed with a pleasing typeset border and manuscript additions, at the top is a woodcut trophy showing Marianne holding a staff bearing a cap of liberty, 11" x 13½", Marseille, 5th Complementary Day Year 8, 22nd September very slightly rubbed at folds and marked at one place in fold on verso, one stamp faint, but an attractive document

Item Date:  1800
Stock No:  55487      £375

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Leaflet of four hymns, beginning with 'Onward Christian Soldiers', for their Church Parade, 4 sides 6½" x 3¼", St. Peter's, Wolferton, 21st April

Item Date:  1907
Stock No:  51503      £25

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SCHLETTER (Percy, 1855-1922, Colonel of the King's Liverpool Regiment, served in Afghanistan and S. Africa)

Autograph Letter Signed to Mr Day, "sending a few manuscripts ... autographs of Séguier, Alaric Watts, Thos: Hood, Don Carlos ... Lord Arlington ... & French of I don't know what", embossed badge of the Regiment, 2 sides 8vo., The Curragh, 13th October

Item Date:  1884
Stock No:  50175      £35

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[SCHOFIELD (John McAllister, 1831-1906, Graduate, 1853, Professor of Natural Philosophy, 1855-1860, and Superintendent at West Point, 1876-1881, Medal of Honor, 1861, Secretary at War, 1868-1869, Major-General Commanding the U.S. Army 1888-1895, Lieutenant-General, 1895)]

Unsigned Cabinet Portrait Photograph, by G.W. Pach of 841, Broadway, New York, showing him half length, head and shoulders, three quarter face, head and eyes to the left, in uniform as Major-General, [West Point], 6½" x 4¼", no date, circa

Item Date:  1879
Stock No:  54879      £275

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