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TANQUERAY (Paul, 1905-1991, Photographer)

Portrait Photograph signed in pencil on the mount, of an unnamed sitter showing the sitter head and shoulders, full face, wearing uniform, 10" x 8", with photographer's stamp on verso, 30 Thurloe Place, London, no date, circa

Item Date:  1950
Stock No:  41656      £75

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TENNIEL (Sir John, 1820-1914, Caricaturist & Illustrator of 'Alice in Wonderland')

Exceptional Autograph Letter signed in full to Mrs Grahame sending "a thousand apologies for the delay ..." sending best wishes for "this 'New Year' and the years to come. It was, indeed! - a great happiness to me to receive a little 'Christmas Greeting' from you and I thank you ... but why you should suppose that I have already arrived at the stage of 'second childishness' which delights in toys! - and which the 'picture-post card' so picturesquely suggests! altogether passes my feeble imagination to discover, seeing that I am only just about completing my 84th year!!! Some weak minded person might possibly take it - Sarcastic? I am 'not such a sickly creature I give heaven praise', and even venture to hope that 'tho' lost to sight' - I may be, not entirely forgotten ...", 2 sides 8vo., 10 Portsdown Road, Maida Hill, 5th January

Item Date:  1904
Stock No:  39036      £350

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TENNIEL (Sir John, 1820-1914, Caricaturist & Illustrator of 'Alice in Wonderland')

Fine signature and end of Autograph Letter Signed, "Yours sincerely"

Item Date:  0
Stock No:  38346      £65

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TESSIN (Nicodemus the younger, 1654-1728, Swedish Architect and Royal Councillor)

Document signed, in Swedish with translation, and subscribed by him "in the King's Majesty's absence", on behalf of FREDERIK I (1676-1751, king from 1720), replying to an attractively written request by Frans Johanszen, (clerk in the Appeal Court), Tessin's answer lies in the originally blank portion left by Johanszen below the King's name, Johanszen writes "Last Saturday evening the 7th July 1722, extremely late, there was sent to me from Your Royal Majesty's Appeal Court, an extensive Complaint Document, under Daniel Jochimson's name", but lacking the references to the statutes and precedents required by "the Royal Ordinance of 30th January 1689", Johanszen "cannot state them with certainty" and begs the King "not to begrudge ... a few days ... the Compromisers ask likewise", sending the Complaint and promising that "a proper, humble explanation shall hasten to accompany it ... I remain till my death" (9th July 1722), Tessin replies that the King will graciously have agreed "to the desired extension ... which is only to apply to the persons concerned; it being necessary to hold back the execution decreed on them ... until the King's Majesty's gracious Resolution herein" (Council Chamber, 10th July 1722), 2 sides folio, Stockholm, 9th-10th July neatly attached by blank left margin of recto to a guard in cardboard folder, one or two letters at 2 line ends on verso obscured by original stamp

Item Date:  1722
Stock No:  17981      £675

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THELWELL (Norman, b. 1923, Cartoonist)

Typed Letter Signed with autograph postscript signed with initials to Mr Hancock, Literary Editor of the Birmingham Post, sending him some pages from a magazine and promising to "give my attention very soon to the Book Supplement drawing ...", 1 side A4, 16 Lawnswood Rise, Wolverhampton, 22nd October

Item Date:  1954
Stock No:  4115      £50

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