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TAFT (Willam Howard, united States President, 1909-1913, Chief Justice, 1921-1930)

Signature on piece, no place, no date, circa

Item Date:  1910
Stock No:  56093      £225

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TALLEYRAND (Charles Maurice, Prince de Benevento, 1754-1838, French Statesman under Napoleon)

Document Signed 'Ch. Mau. Talleyrand' to F. SERBELLONI as Ambassador in Paris of the Cisalpine Republic (sic, Gian Galeazzo SERBELLONI, 1744-1802, First President of the Cisalpine Executive Directory, July 1797, Ambassador, November 1797 - June 1800), in French with translation, informing him that "on learning of the retreat to Chambéry of several members of the Executive Directory and Public Officers of the Cisalpine Republic", the French Directory "has given immediate orders that the National Treasury place 50,000 francs at their disposal ... payable at Chambéry itself to the Cisalpine Directory or to one of its members", with inserted a copy, inscribed "Copy. FS", of a document addressed to Serbelloni, that needs to be presented to the cashier at Chambéry, and with Serbelloni's copy note, that it will be presented by "Citizen Marescalchi", 1 side 4to., Paris, 16th and 18th Prairial, the main document 1 side 4to. and conjugate address leaf, Paris, 16th Prairial Year 7, 4th June small portion of address leaf caught on opening seal, dividing an 'External Affairs' stamp, and with short closed tear to central fold, all without loss

Item Date:  1799
Stock No:  55538      £1250

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TEBBIT (Rt. Hon. Norman, b. 1931, M. P., Secretary of State)

Black & White photo signed, showing him head and shoulders, seated, smiling, 8" x 6", together with an accompanying typed letter from his secretary saying that his "favourite quotation is 'It is a good thing to look ahead, but no further than you can see' - attributable to William Churchill ...", 1 side 8vo., Caxton House, Tothill Street, London, 17th August

Item Date:  1983
Stock No:  4037      £15

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TEBBIT (Norman Beresford, b.1931, Conservative Cabinet Minister, from 1992 Baron)

Courteous Typed Letter Signed to Mr Macpherson, regretting that he will not be free to address the Oxford Farming Conference on 2nd January 1990, 1 side folio, House of Commons, 14th February three neat filing holes

Item Date:  1989
Stock No:  13383      £15

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TEDDER (Sir Arthur John, 1851-1931, Civil Servant)

Autograph Letter Signed to 'My dear Anderson', (Sir John ANDERSON, 1882-1958, from 1952 1st Viscount Waverley), sending "congratulations on your appointment to succeed Fisher", (Commander Sir Thomas Fisher, 1883-1925), as Secretary, Ministry of Shipping, "I wish you every possible success at Som[erset] House. Your experience of public affairs during the past 10 years has indeed been abnormal" and wondering if he may "undertake still more important work" in the future, 1 side 8vo., Windlehurst, Hemyock, Cullompton, Devon, 18th August

Item Date:  1917
Stock No:  13384      £20

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