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TABORI (Paul, b. 1908, Hungarian-born Journalist, Broadcaster, Scriptwriter and Novelist, 'Peter Stafford' and 'Christopher Stevens')

APS to Eileen Cond, explaining he has "been abroad the last four months ... I'll be delighted to sign all three" and is "happy indeed to have found such a faithful reader", 1 side card, 14 Stafford Terrace, W.8., 31st January light crease mark

Item Date:  1946
Stock No:  19091      £25

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TAKUMA (Kuroda, Founder of the Société de la Langue Japonaise in Paris)

Poem in Japanese, signed in Japanese and roman letters 'Kouroda Takouma', 1 side 7" x 4", Paris, no date, circa slight crumple in blank bottom left corner

Item Date:  1900
Stock No:  52962      £45

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TALFOURD (Sir Thomas Noon, 1795-1854, Judge, Critic & Dramatist)

Signature taken from end of Autograph Letter Signed

Item Date:  0
Stock No:  27039      £25

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TAYLOR (Tom, 1817-1880, Dramatist and Editor of 'Punch')

Autograph letter signed to C. Lucas, saying "I send my gardener with this, mindful of your kind offer to let me have a little pig or two ... the skim milk calls out to be consumed, my cook says ... I don't know what I can offer in return. Private boxes are a drug to you, and you don't paint pictures, so as to be open to the offer of a puff", with a contemporary unsigned photograph showing him seated, in near profile half length, 3 sides 8vo., Lavender Sweep, [Clapham], 15th May light original smudge in part of date

Item Date:  1865
Stock No:  53836      £85

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TAYLOR (Tom, 1817-1880, Dramatist and from 1874 Editor of 'Punch')

Signature and Subscription from the end of a letter, no place, no date, circa

Item Date:  1870
Stock No:  56134      £25

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