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[VALLE (Italian Air Force General and Secretary of State for Air)]

Unsigned Press Photo showing him in uniform, head and shoulders, by Orbis-Photo of Berlin, on the back is a press notice in German saying that Fieldmarshal Goering had invited him to Berlin, adding that "the Inspector of the German Air Force, Generaloberst Milch, will be holding talks with him, of importance for the two allied countries", 7" x 5", [Berlin], 24th June n.y., probably

Item Date:  1940
Stock No:  50993      £30

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[VERNON (Herbert Douglas, 1893-1916, Lieutenant, Grenadier Guards)]

Covers only of the memorial service following his death in action, 15th September 1916, crowned embossed emblem in colours of the Grenadier Guards, in a dark blue and red border, although it lacks the text this is a striking item, 1 side 7¼" x 5" card and conjugate blank, no place, no date, circa lacking the text, slight sunning to top and right margins

Item Date:  1916
Stock No:  53315      £25

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VERNON (Edward, 1684-1757, Admiral and M.P.)

Engraved oval portrait, by Benoist (Guillaume Philippe, 1725-1770), showing him full face, head and shoulders in civilian dress, half length, engraved surface 4" x 4" in margins 5½" x 5", no date, circa laid down

Item Date:  1770
Stock No:  52737      £30

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VICTORIA (1819-1901, Queen of Great Britain)

Commission Document with her bold signature at the top, beginning with the Queen's titles, appointing Arthur Sisson Cooper ensign in the 27th Regiment of Foot, signed also by Sir George Grey (1799-1882, 2nd Bart, at this time Home Secretary) and by Laurence Sulivan (1783-1866, Palmerston's brother-in-law, Deputy Secretary for War, 1826-1851), revenue stamp and papered seal of Queen Victoria, engraved with manuscript details, manuscript endorsements on verso, 1 side 9½" x 13¾" on stout linen paper, St. James's, 3rd December a little browned in parts, a trifle worn at corners and ends of folds

Item Date:  1850
Stock No:  53592      £275

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