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VORONOFF (Dr. Serge, 1866-1951, Experimenter in Rejuvenation)

Autograph Letter Signed in French with translation, to 'My dear Senator', asking if he would "grant us the greatest pleasure and honour by dining with us and a few friends on Sunday next at 7.30 p.m. at the Restaurant Larue, 3, Place de la Madeleine?", saying how delighted his wife and he have been "to make your acquaintance", 2 sides 8vo., 48 Avenue Kléber, Passy, 30 January torn across and neatly repaired

Item Date:  1920
Stock No:  13981      £125

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VORONOFF (Serge, 1866-1951, Russian Physiologist, Director of Experimental Surgery at the Collège de France)

Fine signature with the place and dated, Via XX Settembre 54, Firenze, 18th April

Item Date:  1926
Stock No:  11986      £55

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