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WADDINGTON (William Henry, 1826-1894, Prime Minister of France, 4th February - 28th December 1879, French Ambassador to London, 1883-1893)

Autograph Letter in the Third Person, as 'The French Ambassador', to Mr Murray, (Thomas Douglas, 1841-1911, Barrister, amateur Egyptologist and friend of Whistler), accepting with "much pleasure" for Monday 13th July, 1 side 8vo, French Embassy, London, Albert Gate, 4th July no year but 1885 or

Item Date:  1891
Stock No:  56347      £75

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WALDEGRAVE (William Frederick, 1851-1930, Chief Conservative Whip in the Lords, 1896-1911, Captain of the Yeomen of the Guard, from 1859 9th Earl)

Autograph Letter Signed to J.F. Boyes, the theatre and drama critic of the Daily News, hoping "to look in", 1 side 8vo., 13 Montagu Place, W., 18th June n.y., c.

Item Date:  1900
Stock No:  50680      £15

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WALDHEIM (Kurt, b. 1918, Secretary General of UN 1972-1982, President of Austria 1986-1992)

Christmas card signed, under the printed message of greeting in English, with a gilt Austrian eagle on the front, 7" x 4½", no place, c.

Item Date:  1994
Stock No:  19349      £175

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WALKER (Peter Edward, b.1932, M.P., from 1992 Baron)

Typed Letter Signed to A.J. Hall about the 70 m.p.h. speed limit and the fallibility of statistics, 1 side 4to., House of Commons, 15th December

Item Date:  1966
Stock No:  13462      £20

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WALPOLE (Sir Robert, 1st Earl of Orford, 1676-1745, 1st British Prime Minister), Sir William YONGE (4th Baronet, dc. 1693-1755, Politician, Secretary at War) & George DODINGTON (1691-1762, MP, Lord of the Treasury)

Lower part of a Manuscript Exchequer Document signed by all three, addressed to Lord Onslow, also signed by Wm. Strickland, the charge "bearing date of 30th day of June 1720 that you deliver and pay of such his Majt Treasures as remains in your Charge unto Charles Duke of Queensbury or his assigns the sum of Two hundred and fifty pounds without amount for one quarter of a year due ... on his Annuity of one thousand pounds as one of the Gentlemen of his Matys Bedchamber ...", with a note underneath to Lord Onslow to "pay this order Out of Duty on Tea ...",examined by Halifax, bottom two thirds of 1 side folio, Whitehall, 8th January

Item Date:  1725
Stock No:  39218      £375

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