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WARWICK (Henry Richard Greville, 1779-1853, Lord Lieutenant of Warwickshire, Lord in Waiting to Queen Victoria, from 1816 3rd Earl)

Signature on a fragment of a letter, hoping, overleaf, to find an autograph for his correspondent, with an attractive engraving of Warwick Castle by the bridge, 6½" x 5¼", c. 1820, the fragment from 7 Carlton Gardens, London, 16th February

Item Date:  1843
Stock No:  50783      £40

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[WARWICK (Frances Evelyn, 1861-1938, wife of the Earl of Warwick, Mistress of Edward VII, 'Darling Daisy')]

Unsigned postcard photo showing her driving a car with a young Maynard Greville seated next to her, 5½" x 3½", no place, no date, c.

Item Date:  1903
Stock No:  23453      £75

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[WELLINGTON (Arthur Charles Wellesley, 1849-1934, KG, from 1900 4th Duke) and his wife, 1872, Kathleen (née Williams, d. 1927)]

Printed Ticket to View the Royal Progress of George V and Queen Mary from the Grand Stand at Apsley House, and to Luncheon thereafter, with the Duke's crest gilt at the head, made out for Mr Victor Seymour Cochrane, with, on the verso, directions and a strong recommendation to use Marble Arch tube station, not the Down Street in Piccadilly (now disused), 2 sides green card 4¼" x 4¾", for Friday 23rd June directions on verso partly obscured by former laying down, else good

Item Date:  1911
Stock No:  56593      £175

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[WILHELM (1906-1940, Prince of Prussia, eldest son of Crown Prince Wilhelm, 1882-1951, and grandson of Kaiser Wilhelm II) and his bride DOROTHEA (1907-1972, née von Salviati)]

Charming unsigned Press Portrait Photograph, by Wide World Photos, showing them full length, three quarter or full face, he in military uniform, she in her simple but elegant wedding dress holding a bouquet of white flowers, leaving the Cathedral after the religious ceremony, the Prince laughing as he recognises one of the soldiers lining the entrance and who is saluting, press 'flimsy' on verso, 9" x 7", Bonn, 3th June

Item Date:  1933
Stock No:  54885      £65

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[WILHELM (Friedrich Viktor August Ernst, 1882-1951, S on of Kaiser Wilhelm II, Crown Prince of the German Empire & of Prussia, renounced the throne in 1918), his brothers EITEL FRIEDRICH (1883-1942) and AUGUST WILHELM (1887-1949), and their respective wives CECILIE (1886-1954, wife 1905, daughter of Friedrich Franz III, Grand Duke of Mecklenburg-Schwerin), SOPHIE CHARLOTTE (1879-1964, wife 1906-1926, daughter of Friedrich August, 1852-1931, from 1900 Grand Duke of Oldenburg) and ALEXANDRA VIKTORIA (1887-1957, wife 1908-1920, daughter of Friedrich Ferdinand, Duke of Schleswig Holstein Sonderburg Glücksburg)]

Cheerful Unsigned Portrait Postcard Photograph, by Grohs, showing them full length, full or nearly full face with broad smiles, in a row with linked arms in parkland, their names below, the men in buttoned military tunics and caps, their wives bareheaded in day dresses, published by Gustav Liersch & Co. of Berlin, 5½" x 3½", no place, no date, circa

Item Date:  1914
Stock No:  54796      £60

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