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WADDINGTON (William Henry, 1826-1894, Prime Minister of France, 4th February - 28th December 1879, French Ambassador to London, 1883-1893)

Autograph Letter in the Third Person, as 'The French Ambassador', to Mr Murray, (Thomas Douglas, 1841-1911, Barrister, amateur Egyptologist and friend of Whistler), accepting with "much pleasure" for Monday 13th July, 1 side 8vo, French Embassy, London, Albert Gate, 4th July no year but 1885 or

Item Date:  1891
Stock No:  56347      £75

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WALDEGRAVE (William Frederick, 1851-1930, Chief Conservative Whip in the Lords, 1896-1911, Captain of the Yeomen of the Guard, from 1859 9th Earl)

Autograph Letter Signed to J.F. Boyes, the theatre and drama critic of the Daily News, hoping "to look in", 1 side 8vo., 13 Montagu Place, W., 18th June n.y., c.

Item Date:  1900
Stock No:  50680      £15

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WALDHEIM (Kurt, b. 1918, Secretary General of UN 1972-1982, President of Austria 1986-1992)

Christmas card signed, under the printed message of greeting in English, with a gilt Austrian eagle on the front, 7" x 4½", no place, c.

Item Date:  1994
Stock No:  19349      £175

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WALKER (Peter Edward, b.1932, M.P., from 1992 Baron)

Typed Letter Signed to A.J. Hall about the 70 m.p.h. speed limit and the fallibility of statistics, 1 side 4to., House of Commons, 15th December

Item Date:  1966
Stock No:  13462      £20

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WALPOLE (Galfridus, 1683-1726, Naval Officer and Politicion, Joint Postmaster General)

Instruction document signed addressed to Charles Lockyer instructing him to "pay to Mr Edward Parsons my Dividend on £2542-4s-4d being all my Stock in the South Sea Company Books due at Xmas last and his Receipt shall be a sufficient discharge ....", 1 side oblong 4to., London, June

Item Date:  1722
Stock No:  39786      £350

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